Monday, January 21, 2013

How Old Is Your Oldest UFO???

I woke this morning with an inspiration, nearly 25 years in the making, for putting finishing touches on a super sweet, girly girl, hand pieced wall hanging from the 80's.  For all the time I've spent rolling it around, taking it out, putting it away, mulling...ruminating even, the thing should be a priceless pearl by now!
I started this quilt as a project in a quiltmaking class in the tiny upstairs classroom in the original Quilt Crossing Store in Boise...the store has relocated 3 times since then.
There are some solid color (peach) blocks in it that have been like the elephant in the room all these years. I've never found anything that I felt would replace them well without becoming too busy and I have declined to put another stitch into it without having a solution that I was comfortable with...I have constantly had to repeat Less is More, Less Is More under my breath.
I have rejected applique, trapunto and the Jean Wells-ish idea of layering up lacey hearts with yo-yos, buttons and couched ribbons.
I believe I've finally come up with the simply simple, why didn't I think of that before, solution. Hexi flowers. Cute and will fill the void, without as much risk of overwhelming the pieced & embroidered blocks.
Sometimes the solution is right in your face!  You just need to wake up at the right time!
The amazing thing is, with all the years gone by, that the prints don't feel so dated and I still love it.
Maybe it will come out of it's little basket with all the extra scraps sooner rather than later!  It would be fun to have it finished for Easter.
For Me Mama???
Back to Cutting Country Charmer Blocks before Lynn catches me!
Nancie Anne & Maecee


  1. Well someone thinks he/she knows exactly who this quilt is for!

    As for the CC cutting, don't worry, I won't tell, as long as you don't tell on me - I haven't even started cutting yet!

    1. She knows my world twirls around her...thats for sure! All 7 lbs of her! I will have to blog about her one of these days. As of last night I have 8 blocks cut and all 24 more time til Friday though.