Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Now...Where Was I...

before I was so rudely interrupted by...life
(dirty dishes, laundry, bare cupboards, empty refrigerator,)
& some fun stuff
(a trip to a LQS in the hills with Quilty Buddy, a day dedicated to cutting & sewing and dragging the Halloween boxes out of the dungeon and splashing pumpkins and witchy things in every spare nook & cranny...)
I was telling you all about our trip to California...blow by blow...day by day...
after the show we had a lovely dinner & great visit getting to know Lynn & Mr. Joe, & The Queen, HRH Quilt Sue much better...
Maecee & Zinnie also got acquainted...once Zinnie realized that Maecee was real & not a new squeak toy!  They eventually were both laying at our feet under the dining table while we giggled and told stories...all of which I'm certain were completely factual and without embellishment of any sort!
Joe & Lynns home is just as one imagines it.  HOME. 
Comfy, warm and the backdrop for Lynns quilts, spectacular works of love.
We sat beside the cabinet that her Grandaughters help fill with the Christmas House collection every year...her front bay window is an ever changing display according to the season & The House On Edgewood Lane is artfully suspended on the tall wall above the staircase in the entry, paying homage to the house she grew up in.
I presently the ladies with little tokens of love...the little teeny bunnies...and then little treat bags which contained their royalty regalia...tiny plastic tiaras, glow in the dark scepters & rings befitting royalty.  We all had a giggle trying on tiaras and agreed that Lynn who thought her hair wasn't quite right, actually had a Princess Diana thing going on!  So jealous!
Lynn thought the glow in the dark "scepters" would be great fun at the cabin...to which Mr. Joe flatly stated..."Yeah, that way the bears can see you better in the dark!"
We visited and laughed until we were nearly all ready to doze off and agreed we'd meet in the morning for a quick trip to In Between Stitches before departing for the cabin.
Of course...I double dog dared them to wear their tiaras to the shop...
Bottle necked rush hour freeway traffic changed our plan slightly, but we did arrive at the shop on time, tiaras were donned by all three of us, plus my little Maecee & in we went!
This photo is terrible but I had to share this inspired display featuring Lynns newest design,
We shopped, laughed, giggled and were giggled with!
Here's my Loot!
This doesn't make me look like a total Sew'n Wild Oaks Groupie...right?????
Afterall...the scarecrow pattern isn't hers...
and she doesn't usually work in batiks...and I got those pretty ones on the left
then an essential neutral...
a little something for a hand piecing project on my radar
and then two awesome pumpkiny flannels!
Then we were off for the cabin!
Sue and I were Lynns Sous Chefs for this outstanding and unexpected Lasagne!
I discovered to my delight that Lynn and I own the same set of Debbie Mumm Woodland Santa dishes...oh how I love them!
Maecee discovered to her delight that the cabin had what amounted to an airport take off strip for a 9 & 1/4 lb. mini dachshund, from the end of the hallway to the big windows in the living area and that she could run in a straight line as fast as her short little legs could carry her...she repeated this activity with complete delight numerous times! From her vantage point at the entry area where the hall began...she could keep an eye on what Mommy was doing at the end of the hall and what yummies Auntie Lynn might accidently drop in the kitchen!
Zombie Puppy!  Eek!
This became our beloved home (& classroom) away from home for the next two days...
filled with an abundance of laughter, teasing and fun!
Our snuggy bed...no worries...the quilt was gently folded to the foot of the bed each night.
 The view through the window screen is still as pretty!

We never did get Lynn distracted long enough to pack her Maple Leaf quilt for a souvenier!
 The roads right there!  Can't you see it?
 I wish somebody had thought of making a sammich for me...
Her Royal Shortness discovered Lynns furniture was easier to get on than at home and took full advantage...who could blame her when the view was so spectacular! 
This little Jay provided much mealtime entertainment at the bird feeder...
until the second morning, when, once light enough to venture out, we found the bird feeder in a collapsed heap some 20 feet below...having been the victim of some little furry masked bandits who left their footprints on the stair rail in the middle of the night.  Miss Zinnie had heard the goings on in the middle of the night, as had I.  I think the raccoons must have had quite the little party because I swear I heard the sound of furniture being slid around on the deck outside our bedroom window!
Insert image of Tom Cruise Risky Business Raccoon Here.
That's all for today folks...today is the end of my extended vacation and I must work on a few tasks (between sewing) so I'm ready to drag my sorry little self to work tomorrow morning...
but never fear, more fun and games from California are yet to come.
Nancie Anne
PS-Hubbys forehead has healed nicely...so much for the Halloween costume I had in mind for him!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beyond The Quilt Show...Vvvvvrooom!!!

There seems to be a trend happening...
Wives have a quilt event on their calendar...
and suddenly a car show crops up!!!
Quilty Buddy & I were Shop Hopping earlier this summer & wound up having to park several blocks away from one shop and walk through a fantastic car show to get to our destination.
Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car and didn't get any pictures of the lovely Vintage Model A's, Model T's etc. that I would have liked to wrap up and take home with me.
You see...some of us Quilty Girls can also appreciate a great car...
So on this Sunday in Beautiful Downtown Livermore...we strolled amongst Mr. Joes car clubs annual show...this time with a camera...
Who doesn't love a 2 door '57 Chevy
                       My Great Aunt Fanny would love to be planted in this seat!!!

Don't like Blue???  Well How About Red?
Oooh...it's a shiny!!! 
What's your fuel of choice? 
Well duh!  Orange Crush of Course!!! 
I wonder if this car ever had a raccoon tail flying above? 
This be my baby...I'm still kicking myself for selling my '69 Chevy Malibu...
(& my bright yellow '76 Camaro) 
We rather insulted some young egos in my younger, wilder days cruising Main...
yep...she could move...even without the "extras" that have been added to this Chevelle. 
I always loved her taillights...for some reason they always made me think of Minnie Mouses cute little face!
How many family picnics or moonshining trips might this old girl have seen in her younger days?
 The Boat Front
The Boat Back
Wins the Award for Best Use of Pea Green EVER....right?
My Other Truck is a Skateboard??? Love This Guys Imagination!
ALERT:  This Vehicle Last Seen on the Freeway East of Livermore
with a giggling British Woman behind the Wheel!
Approach cautiously, she tends to forget which lane to use...
Lynn brought up the idea of introducing Quilt Sue to the classic movie, American Graffiti,
after her day amongst these so very American Classics...
I believe the giggling overtook us though...so it didn't happen...
If I were setting this post to music...it would have be the end theme to Ferris Bueller's Day Off...
Boom-Boom, Chicka Chick Ahhhhh...
Now where are my car keys?????
Nancie Anne



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Quilting In The Garden~Part Deux

I'm Baaa-ck!  With more enticement from last Sundays trip to Quilting In The Garden at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, California.

This time we are celebrating the works of featured artist...and I do mean artist...Susan Else.
Her incredible imaginative fabric sculptures are inspiring & there was one in particular, that I fell head over heels in love with!  Can you imagine the time spent hand dying, dreaming, drawing, drafting, sewing, quilting, contructing, stuffing, perfecting...are there any "ings" I've left out?????

This little house turns on a pedestal to allow a view from all angles.

 If he were at the bottom of my tree I'd be pulling up my ladder!
This curtain of bodies wasn't the easiest to photograph in this setting...
a new trick for Cirque de Soliel perhaps?

This could be a bit like life living on the sides of Mesa Verde was like in ancient times.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair...

If this ones smart enough, he'll go 'round back and just use the stairs...

Life boat

Chess Anyone?  This is a large piece...do you have room?????

This Ferris Wheel really does go round and round!

& if this fellow is having this much fun on the Ferris Wheel, imagine what he's like on the Roller Coaster!  He was my favorite rider...just cracked me up!

Theres a story here...& there & everywhere you turn in this exhibit...

You almost want to see water trickling over these rocks...

Cuddly Climbing Wall?????


Why did I play THREE cards at once?

I don't know about you, but I want the blue hair...love it!
and I'm not talkin' about the Blue Hair Perm Special at the Retirement Home!
Okay...so drum roll...
Here are my loves...
Titled "Together Forever"
Lynn told me this piece sold the first morning of the show...
Just look at the vibrancy of the colors and the patterns!
Can you feel the love?
Every rib, Every Vertebra, Patellas, Tibias & Fibulas,
Phalanges &Tarsals...
So...as we leave Alden Lane Nursery we spot a few more cuties on the way out...
Not too many Madge's around these days...the name always reminds me of a favorite old Jack Benny movie, George Washington Slept Here. 

Where In The World Is Maecee?????

My daughter would love this Maple in her someday yard!

See Spot, See Spot Roll!

A glass of wine, a clawfoot tub and flower bubbles...
who cares if you're on display!

and I'm just warm fuzzy and cute!
So out to the truck we trudge...arms full of treasure...
As we pull out of our parking space I look to the next aisle and see a woman walking a cute little dog!
To husband I say...slow down when we get down the the end of the aisle...there's a woman walking a little terrier who looks just like Toto and I want to see him better!
So down to the end...here comes woman with Toto on our left, but I'm suddenly distracted by a flash of furry Golden Red to my right at the Main Entrance...
I shout "It's Zinnie!"
and then "It's Lynn & Sue!"
& then I bale out of the truck...not sure still whether we were at a complete stop!
I scamper up the walk where, Thankfully they've stopped briefly, get between them and wrap an arm around each of them, who turn, rather startled to see who's accosting them!
Lynn, recognizes me, hugs me back and then, poor Sue, relaxes a realizing that this crazy person, is actually one of the people she's crossed the pond to meet!
I tell Lynn we were just about to call her to tell them that we were headed downtown to In Between Stitches then to the Car Show.  She informs me that the shop closes in 1 minute...but do go see the car show, Joe's there, then meet them back at the house for dinner...
after which she adds..."if you get there before us, the vacuum cleaner is in the laundry room by the dryer..."
and such is the warm hospitality we enjoyed with Sew'n Wild Oaks Lynn, Mr. Joe, HRH Quilt Sue & Zinnie, The Wonder Dog, for the next three days...
The Real Adventure Begins!
Nancie Anne