Sunday, August 12, 2012

What's Been Happenin'?????

Well, Plenty!  Except for some other overachievers out there in blogland...but here are some of my Olympic Accomplishments!
Crazy Jacks has been back from the quilter for quite some time...finally found just the right purple to bind it with and entered it in the Kuna PieceMakerS Quilt Show.  Dedicated to my little Grandson who loves to grow pumpkins with Gramma.
Also entered in the show is Marys Quilt made by myself and my quilting partner in crime for our friend and co-worker who retired last year.  We wanted to give due credit to her friendship and her 35 years as a wonderful Nurse.  Can't tell from this photo but the little gold centers are yo-yos.  Lots of hand buttonhole stitch on this one thanks to yours truly.
Heres the quilt made by the 2nd Place Block Challenge winner from 2011.  The applique lion fish was her winning block and she chose to add my kitty in the pumpkin to her selection of blocks.
a bit closer...I like how she turned my kitty into a snowball block.

and yes I've done it again...I was the fifth and final winner of the quilt block challenge which means I got the leftovers after the preceeding winners made their selections...I think that means I'm allowed a little creative license...I will be presenting them with not one but two finished projects from my 9 total blocks for next year...what I received divvied up into two distinctly different stayed tuned...but don't hold your breath...they're on the back burner for now.

Nancie Anne

Thursday, August 2, 2012

On With The Olympics!

We've been watching the Olympics...way too late past our bedtimes...but it's so hard to tear ourselves away.  Sunday and Monday had me working on binding my Buggy Barn Crazy Jacks quilt at long last.  (Pictures coming soon to a blog near you!)  I finally found the perfect purple last Saturday to wrap the project up.  The last day to enter a quilt in our local quilt show was quickly looming and I finally had the fabric, so the incentive was there to get the quilt completed and was able to drop it off for the show on my way home from work.  It also provided some little fun show and tell moments at work...afterall, I couldn't just leave a quilt sitting in a hot car, unattended for almost 10 hours!  My work schedule allows me more days at home than most, however, work days are long days in front of a hospital computer and my eyes are pretty shot by the time they arrive home.  So once the big push was over and Crazy Jacks was done, I laid off the next 2 evenings and just sank into the couch with Maecee in my lap and took in the Olympics.  Exciting stuff...Heart wrenching stuff...congrats to our kids who are successfully getting over their hurdles and keep your chin up to those whose Olympics have not matched up to their dreams.
We are rather excited to see our local talent on the Olympic stage...Idaho boasts several Olympians, however, Cyclist, Kristen Armstrong and her beautiful baby boy are going to have quite a homecoming.  Plans are set in motion to make this Gold Medal Celebration even grander than the first, and I'm supposing Kristens plans are to see about getting Lucas a little sister!  The only sports figure in our community who is more adored than Kristen would be our Coach Pete and our boys, The Boise State Broncos Football Team.  It won't be long before the season starts and nearly every car in town will be decked out with fresh new window stickers and bronco flags...& Maecee will be napping on her Buster Bronco pillow pet once again!