Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lucky Me!!!

This is what landed in my mailbox yesterday! 
The pattern to make Halloween Journey!
All the way from Anna,
and one of my favorite places in the whole world, Sisters, Oregon!
I really enjoy reading Anna's blog!  There's always so much eye candy (often woolie!), sometimes wild and four-legged, and very often she includes wonderful musical Smilebox videos of shops and shows and retreats!
Anna did what many of us have done...loved a pattern so much that she bought it twice! 
Being of generous heart, she decided to have a drawing on her blog and share the duplicate! 
As it turned out, this is one of the few Crabapple Hill Halloween patterns that wasn't already in my collection!  A match made in heaven! 
Lucky Lil' Old Me, I Won!
Thank You Anna for sharing and making my week brighter!
~Nancie Anne

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Country Homecoming's Homecoming!

This just in!  About half past the hour, there was a strong knocking on my back door that sent the dogs into a tizzy!  We have our UPS person trained to leave packages on the back deck...but we don't have the dogs trained to not bark wildly when a package arrives!

Little did my quilter in Oregon know when she handed my quilt off to UPS yesterday, that it's arrival today would be my birthday pick me up!  Boy, did I need a pick me up!  I am now on Day 11 of what I have dubbed "Adventures In Mucous"!  We seem to have a long lasting virus in the valley that still has not given up on me.  Worse than being unwell on my birthday, is having missed our Granddaughters first Easter and our Grandson's first T-ball game!  Birthdays come and go, but memories of the babies "firsts" can't be replaced.

So here it is in it's just unboxed, untrimmed Primitive Glory!
There are Four! Count 'em FOUR Cat Houses in my little neighborhood!
Who knew?!?!?!  Look at that little hussy peeking out her window!
(I must be getting sense of humor is starting to return!)
  Two cozy cottages have clamshell shingles!  Love those!
Love the border!  Echo quilting inside the stem and teardrop or half feathers on the underside!
Ain't it great not to hear me complaining about the border?!?!?!
Here's my surprise backing!  I found this wonderful antique feeling floral on clearance and it spoke to me.  I decided that the back of this homespun and wool goodness would love to have an unexpected surprise on the back.  Part of the surprise is, that this is the first time I have sent a quilt off to the quilter that only had one seam in it!  My backs have almost always been pieced together from leftovers, old prints and novelty prints that have been languishing far too long in Stashzilla! 
In fact, I can pretty well guarantee she's going to hate me when she opens the box and sees the next back!
Anyhow!  Couldn't contain my excitement and had to pictures....not my germs!


~Nancie Anne!!!!!!!