Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Country Homecoming's Homecoming!

This just in!  About half past the hour, there was a strong knocking on my back door that sent the dogs into a tizzy!  We have our UPS person trained to leave packages on the back deck...but we don't have the dogs trained to not bark wildly when a package arrives!

Little did my quilter in Oregon know when she handed my quilt off to UPS yesterday, that it's arrival today would be my birthday pick me up!  Boy, did I need a pick me up!  I am now on Day 11 of what I have dubbed "Adventures In Mucous"!  We seem to have a long lasting virus in the valley that still has not given up on me.  Worse than being unwell on my birthday, is having missed our Granddaughters first Easter and our Grandson's first T-ball game!  Birthdays come and go, but memories of the babies "firsts" can't be replaced.

So here it is in it's just unboxed, untrimmed Primitive Glory!
There are Four! Count 'em FOUR Cat Houses in my little neighborhood!
Who knew?!?!?!  Look at that little hussy peeking out her window!
(I must be getting better...my sense of humor is starting to return!)
  Two cozy cottages have clamshell shingles!  Love those!
Love the border!  Echo quilting inside the stem and teardrop or half feathers on the underside!
Ain't it great not to hear me complaining about the border?!?!?!
Here's my surprise backing!  I found this wonderful antique feeling floral on clearance and it spoke to me.  I decided that the back of this homespun and wool goodness would love to have an unexpected surprise on the back.  Part of the surprise is, that this is the first time I have sent a quilt off to the quilter that only had one seam in it!  My backs have almost always been pieced together from leftovers, old prints and novelty prints that have been languishing far too long in Stashzilla! 
In fact, I can pretty well guarantee she's going to hate me when she opens the box and sees the next back!
Anyhow!  Couldn't contain my excitement and had to share...my pictures....not my germs!


~Nancie Anne!!!!!!!


  1. Wow looks fabulous. How cool that it is finished can't wait to see it bound.

  2. Congrats on getting back a wonderful quilt!! And happy birthday!! You share it with my older daughter! It's a great day!! :-) And so sorry to hear that your illness has kept you away from your grandbabies "Firsts". That is definitely the worst part of being sick!!! I'm glad that Mr. UPS brought you a consolation prize! I hope you get better quickly!!!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  3. Nice, nice! I have admired this house quilt design since I first saw it. And now you are about to have a finished one.

  4. Oh Nancie Ann!!! The quilting is just wonderful on your Country Homecoming!!! I just love, love, love it!! I have to tell you that the quilting that was done on my Country Homecoming last month turned out just awful - it makes me so depressed when I look at it. I now have it hanging over the shower bar in the spare bathroom trying to decide if I want to pick it all out like you did on the Country Charmer, or just trim it up and put the binding on and stick it in a drawer out of sight. I am SO darn frustrated and disappointed. I really love my quilter on tops that are just straight piecing but her work on this one was really shocking. This is my first quilt top that had any appliqué and, because I really love appliqué, I want to keep making tops that have appliqué but I'm not sure who would be a good LAQ that works on appliqué quilt tops and I really don't want to do all the work and then have the top come backing looking so crummy....Anyway, I guess I need to decide if I want to remove the quilting (you've very impressively lead the way on that ;o) or just be done with it. She did such a poor job of quilting (it's really very 'thin' and sparse) that it will not be difficult removing what she did, so the top just hangs funny....I'm so disappointed at this point that I'm not sure what to do.....I know this isn't the best appliqué job since it's my first serious attempt, but I really expected the quilting to better than it is. I can really, really, really appreciate your disappointment on the Country Charmer quilting that was done on your top. Okay, enough crying about this - hope you are soon over the 'yucks'.
    P.S. Can you tell me how you 'found' your new quilter?
    If you'd like to email me, I'm at tfitzleahy at sbcglobal dot net

  5. Oh...I love this quilt! Beautiful done!

  6. Your quilt is STUNNING and the quilting is beautiful! Perfect!!

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  8. Oh, gosh, I'm SOOOO envious now! I finally finished the top but I suspect it will be awhile before I get it quilted. Yours turned out marvelous!