Saturday, June 28, 2014

Keeping My Options Open & Putting A New Spin On Ideas!

Since my last post about Country Corners, I took time to digest what was going on with my prints.  The more I looked at the photos the more displeased I became.  My two small prints were fighting one another.  They were too similar in scale and I realized the cream background of one was making the cream background of the other look dirty.  Can't have that!
I pulled out the eight 2x2 blocks and spent a couple of days digging in Stashzilla again.  I came up with several almosts, but in pure daylight was still not happy.  Finally!  A light cream on cream surfaced from the depths.  I cut my 8 new squares last night and sewed the block together late this afternoon. 
I think my first Country Corners block and I are going to be able to co-habit happily now! 
Originally, I was thinking that this would be a square set quilt, but after seeing Cindy's wonderful on point block in Lynn's recent post about her Sew'n Wild Oaks Class, (click there!) I had one of those Ta-Da! moments!  I've always loved on point settings, so I'm probably going to be assembling the upcoming blocks with that in mind.
In this setting I really like that all my colors are drawn out to the outer edges and that with this placement I've created a double star.

Have you spun a block recently to see how it works on point?
~Nancie Anne

Friday, June 27, 2014

Time Sure Flies!

To Our Beautiful Friend, Lynn!

Sunday Is Your Day!  It's Hard To Believe That It's Already, Nearly, Time For Your Taping!  Wasn't It Just The Other Day When We Received Your Message, Full Of Excitement & Nerves About Being Asked To Present Patchwork Math On The Quilt! 
What A Journey It's Been!

Just A Little Reminder...Just For You!
If Anyone Can Keep These Little Fellas Flying In Formation, You Can!!!
We May Be Hundreds Of Miles Away...
But We're Always There In Spirit...
Just Breathe...

PS~ No Singing In The Audience, Joe!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Thought I Was Done Taking Math Classes!!!!!

Guess Not! 
I promised Lynn I'd be working on the Country Corners BOM along with her Sew'n Wild Oaks class members...or Oakies as I've decided to call them!  Today was the day I could finally focus on narrowing my fabric selections and get to work!
Now, I was never a Math Whiz in girls yes...their Mama no!  However, as years have gone by I've realized that I retained a bit more than some of my classmates.  Some of that could be that I was a quiet shy semi-studious kid in the '70's...
while others were hanging out in the parking lot...
I sometimes get glared at when I do a quick sum in my noggin' at work, whilst others are utilizing their computer...or digital calculators...also known as fingers.  I will admit to a few misfigured calculations in the check register, but I do not require the app on my phone to figure the appropriate tip.  I was also pretty quick and accurate in tallying up our team scoresheets each week, way back when I bowled on a league!  In spite of the name I came up with for our team, I've done okay. Our league was called Flower Power...and while other teams politely dubbed themselves after favorite flowers, Rosebuds, Snapdragons, Petunias and such, the four of us proclaimed ourselves "The Bloomin' Idiots!" 
But I digress...the topic here is math and quilting and how it's amazing that I quilt, because my math grades stunk & I despised geometry!  I'd have loved being an architect if I could've hired someone else to do the math!
Because this class involves petting fabric and ignoring the dishes, I'm having a positively lovely time.  I'm sitting here with my very own treasured & autographed copy of Lynn Wilders
humming the William Tell Overture, and smugly arranging all kinds of cute blocks. 

The fabric I'm using is, for the most part, ancient, 20 to 25 years old, rescued from the recent dive & declutter project in our garage or unearthed in the Underground Stash Storage Unit.

First one must make their components and arrange them in an organized fashion to admire.

After suitable time spent in admiration, perhaps 5 seconds, I began arranging & came up with the following, rather quickly, without sneaking peeks at any of the arrangements that Lynn has posted at Sew'n Wild Oaks! 
So, here I am, having a "Look Mom!  No Hands!" moment!
Hang On! Here We Go!

These are merely 14 arrangements that I came up with very quickly...I know there are I play some more, & get some input from the resident non-professionals before I decide which is my favorite!

 If only kids realized that math could be so much fun!

From the Kid in Me!

~Nancie Anne

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Big Weekend, Big Doin's!!! Country Homecoming Blocks

Well let's see how efficient I can be here...
it's been an eventful weekend and quite frankly, I'm lucky to have these blocks at this stage.
I'm Pooped!!!
These are the June installment to the Country Homecoming Quilt Along.
Each month I've tried to come up with something new as windows and doors go.  Hence these long narrow windows that simply came about because my arched windows were too long.  Heaven forbid a scrap goes to waste!  Right????
 More specialty fabrics came into play this month too and I got a little brighter and added this blue!
The shutters are from this narrow strip that I added to that scrap bag I put together at the LQS a couple of months back.  It wasn't wide enough to allow me to cut enough vertically, so I went with the candy cane stripe...who knows, maybe this is Santa's summer home!
Our expectant Papa stood up with his two Bestest Buddies last night and saw them become Husband & Wife...
We stood to watch the Bride come down the aisle and I looked back over my shoulder to see the Groom smiling from ear to ear, his eyes filled with tears...then I looked at my son...standing there with his friend, wiping tears from one eye and then the other.  I felt my own eyes start to well...Thank goodness for the sunglasses that were set out on each guests chair.
I turned further, to my daughters sitting to my right to say, "Look at Mikey and your brother..."  They already had, the tears were flowing there too.
I began passing out tissues as soon as we were able to be seated.
It was an interesting reunion of sorts.  Several teachers who've taught all these kids were also in attendance.
I snapped a favorite picture that was on display in the reception area...these two boys who have laughed, loved, played & cried together for so many years now...
The taller one is mine...
This smug look is partly, "Mom! Get that camera out of my face!" &
"Ha! Going out of town for my birthday paid off!  Got my present early!!!"
I finally replaced her silver St. Brigid's Cross necklace that she lost several years ago.
Now get this, her other birthday wish is a copy of Kathie Lee Gifford's lullaby album, "Dreamship".
She and little brother were lulled into many a nap to that album, particularly Dreamship, a duet with Aaron Neville.  They were both preschoolers the morning we heard it sung the first time on Regis and Kathie Lee...and they were both mesmerized.  Mama got a copy for those 2 busy toddlers as quick as she could!  Now she's 23, with a definite mind of her own, but still wants to listen to her favorite Lullaby as she nods much so that not long ago I was casually sent an Amazon link to fulfill that wish. 
"We'll go sailin' away on a Dreamship, into a Starry Night...
and the Man in the Moon will guide us until the Morning Light..."
Probably should get on that...maybe two...Amaya will be here soon...
Still watching blood pressure carefully, but, obviously our girl is growing well.'s just a lovefest!!!
All that lullaby talk has me ready to nod off!  Beddy Bye Time!
 Oh yeah...check in with Kim at Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure for more Houses Under Construction!
~Nancie Anne

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Nope, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, and I have every intention of jumping in on the Country Corners Quilt Class that Lynn is posting at Sew'n Wild Oaks!  I'm thinking about using some old, old prints that have reappeared.  She said to dig through our stashes and that's precisely what I've been doing!
I'm in the process of relocating my stash to one level of the house.  This process has included new bead board, paint and trim on our 103 year old enclosed front porch, moving a huge step back cupboard up from the basement, experimenting with a chalk paint recipe and painting an old bookcase. We're no where near done yet.  I want to paint that cupboard too plus another cabinet...and perhaps another couple of pieces as well. 
We took a week and did a major unload and overhaul in the garage & barn culminating in a couple of loads to the landfill, another to the recycle center, a yard sale, and we have a load sitting in the stock trailer ready to go be donated...In the process I ran across of a couple of boxes of old cotton prints that were ready for the move that never happened, when our buyer neglected to secure financing about 8 years ago. (Nightmare) I've been reunited with lots of old treasures, lots of country blue for sure!  Most of it got a much needed bath yesterday.  For the most part its in fine condition, just needed to be freshened up.
I took a few minutes and opened my old treadle sewing machine up and petted her, as we worked away...she'll be taking her rightful place again soon.
Our oldest son's old log bed has moved to his house and is now our Grandsons.  He loves that it was once his Daddy's and he had a ball helping to bolt it together with the ratchet.  It's hard to believe our little Mr. Fix-it is already 5 years old!  I promised him that I'd show him the pictures of his Dad and Auntie climbing all over it like a jungle gym when we first brought it home.
I'm hoping that by next spring we'll have our ducks in a row and be able to put this old place back on the market and move.  I'm dreaming of trees and being able to go drop a fishing line in the river, we'll see where reality lands us!
In the house, my sewing machine resurfaced yesterday along with the next two houses for Country Homecoming,the pieces and parts are pinned together & I should be able to connect the dots and have them camera ready for next weekends reveal.  The sashing for the butterfly quilt I've been assembling for my youngest daughter is there as well.  Her birthday is in two weeks and she's decided to fly to Sacramento to visit her big sister.  California may never be the same...
We are saying prayers and keeping our fingers crossed...our gestating Mommy is having some blood pressure issues and other signs of preeclampsia.  Baby Amaya is active and growing well though.
Country Charmer is off to the quilter!  I finally got the panels I wanted to make the backing from and assembled it.  Judging by the phone call I got Friday, I think she's probably loaded in the longarm and getting frosted!  I need to get some more backs assembled for other tops sitting around here.  I was looking at Dragon Princess the other day and she's just begging to be quilted!'s Papa's Day!  Better get back to the kitchen!  The girls are coming out with Ice Cream for their Daddy and it's gonna be Tater Salad,  Baked beans, and  Hot Dogs and Sausages over the fire pit for dinner!
Hug All The Dads in your life!
~Nancie Anne