Saturday, October 24, 2015

ThAnK YoU! Stacy & Anna!!!!!!

Who's a Lucky Girl?!?!?!
Well, ME!  I've been a terribly lucky girl...
(note to self: go buy Lottery Tickets!)
  A few weeks ago while we were doing our Civic Quilter's Duty and voting like mad for Stacy from Buttermilk Basin who was a finalist in the 2015 Martha Stewart Living American Made Contest, Miss Buttermilk Basin was, in turn, generously making several of us winners!
Bad me, I was otherwise distracted, and didn't realize I was the winner for about 3 days, 'til Anna emailed me!
As the result of leaving a comment on Anna's blog, Woolie Mammoth, I was selected the winner of these three adorable patterns which arrived in my mailbox just minutes ago!
I tell ya' what!  I'm head over heels in love with that tophat!  Mr. Snowman has his own version of a non-shake snowglobe!
Sew, I Thank You profusely, Stacy & Anna!
I'm pickled tink!
Have ya' seen her newest designs?
I'm really sitting on my hands, trying to be good, but I'm in-love with those little snow covered red pick-em-up trucks!
~Nancie Anne!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

From The Mouths of Babes

 I gathered our Grandson up last evening and brought him home with me so that he could see his pumpkin patch one more time before it's completely done & go to his Aunties house with us to celebrate her birthday and then spend the night with us.   This morning we were up early so Mom could come get him for his flu shot appointment.  He splashed through the tub and was starting to get dressed when he wrapped his arms around my legs and said, "Goodbye.  I'm going to miss you."  That's just how our boy rolls.  He's a kind hearted, caregiver.  The subject changed quickly though, to "I saw an Elf!".  My first thought was, Yay!  He's using his imagination! Our boy also tends to have a very clear and distinct line between what is real and what is much so that sometimes I just want to look at him and say, "Hey loosen up!  It's okay to use your imagination and make believe!"  So, I replied, "You saw an Elf?!?! Where?" and he returned, "Under the house!" and I was thinking, Oh boy, this is gonna be good..."What house did you see him under? Yours?"  "No, under your house."  Okay, maybe he means the basement, I'm thinking.  "Well, what did he look like?"  and he replied, "I don't know, all I saw were his feet and ankles...'member Gramma?  He's downstairs, on your thing that you're sewing!"

Burst my bubble of make believe again!  I had forgotten that when he arrived yesterday, he was instantly drawn to a jumble of partially glued, partially stitched applique sections, that once assembled, make up a house!  I reminded myself that he's likely not seen the Wizard of Oz yet, so yes, it could be an elf...a naughty little elf who that house landed on...or maybe he's just laying under there tinkering on some old plumbing that groans and clanks in the night!  I haven't made those elf, or witchy legs yet...but he was paying attention when I showed him Lynn Wilder's great layout sheet and how all the applique pieces fit on it.  Puzzle boy is all about the details and was all over those random sections like a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream!  Fussy little soul that he can be, those pieces were quickly assembled on that layout sheet so that the whole house could be viewed appropriately!  What fun to have a little person who can see the same magic I can, by just putting two or three pieces of fabric together to make something new and special and create a story.

I have resurrected my October Magic wallhanging by that sweet little quilt conjurer, Lynn, at Sew'n Wild Oaks, and have been working on it during the season of pumpkins and gourds and Things That Go Bump! In The Night!
I guess I finally worked up enough self assurance to tackle the starch method applique that Lynn patiently taught the the giggling, prankster duo of HRH Quilt Sue and Naughty Nancy on the cabin deck two years ago!  I had collected up all the tools and gadgets immediately upon my return home from that lesson, but had yet to fire up that little Hobbico iron for the first time!  Here are some of the cute little squares that I made a couple...or three, October's ago!  Looooove them.  They've stayed on my design wall since they were made, reminding me with all their cuteness that they must become part of a completed project!
I think I'll just go grab myself something to drink, put on a little Halloween-ish movie and settle in to cast another spell or two with October Magic.
If YOU need a little October Magic other than Spiced Cider, Pumpkin Pie & Chocolate, click on the tan links above.  The first takes you to Lynns post about October Magic class and the second takes you directly to the page to order your very own copy of the pattern!
Happy Haunting!
~Nancie Anne