Saturday, October 24, 2015

ThAnK YoU! Stacy & Anna!!!!!!

Who's a Lucky Girl?!?!?!
Well, ME!  I've been a terribly lucky girl...
(note to self: go buy Lottery Tickets!)
  A few weeks ago while we were doing our Civic Quilter's Duty and voting like mad for Stacy from Buttermilk Basin who was a finalist in the 2015 Martha Stewart Living American Made Contest, Miss Buttermilk Basin was, in turn, generously making several of us winners!
Bad me, I was otherwise distracted, and didn't realize I was the winner for about 3 days, 'til Anna emailed me!
As the result of leaving a comment on Anna's blog, Woolie Mammoth, I was selected the winner of these three adorable patterns which arrived in my mailbox just minutes ago!
I tell ya' what!  I'm head over heels in love with that tophat!  Mr. Snowman has his own version of a non-shake snowglobe!
Sew, I Thank You profusely, Stacy & Anna!
I'm pickled tink!
Have ya' seen her newest designs?
I'm really sitting on my hands, trying to be good, but I'm in-love with those little snow covered red pick-em-up trucks!
~Nancie Anne!


  1. Congratulations Nancie Anne...this time of year I love stitching up one of Stacy's patterns!

  2. Lucky you. You're doing so well at winning things at the moment, I really hope you have bought those lottery tickets?