Friday, February 21, 2014

Stash Beyond Life Expectancy? Who Me????

As part of my Quilty Goal Setting for this year I'm trying to be good. 
I'm trying not to add to my stash.  I'm trying to match up what I have with patterns I love. 
Really I am! 
Sound familiar?????

I Fail...I fell off the wagon and bought more homespuns for Country Homecoming on the way home from work last night! 
I stopped in to look at Quiltmania and I had one of those Tree, Tree, Tree, SQUIRREL! moments!
Oh well...I know I'm not alone...
in celebration of my success as an Intuitive Fabric Collector
aka someone who just knows she'll need that incredible chunk of fabric someday
& will kick herself if she doesn't purchase it now!
(Can you believe I just thought of that all by myself?)
I invite you to join me in entering the Keepsake Quilting drawing to WIN FREE Fabric for Life!
Would you like to win free fabric for life?  Say What???  Who wouldn't?!?!?!  Well, one lucky winner will win free fabric for 20 years and that's quite a stash!  Two more winners will win free fabric for a year, not too shabby either!  There are more prizes beyond that!  You can enter daily by Clicking Here!

Good Luck!  I figure my odds of winning are waaaay better than becoming an Olympic Medalist!  Right???

~Nancie Anne

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Building Houses & Playing Catch-Up!

Block Fourteen in the Quilty Fun Sew Along is Neighborhood Houses! 
Imagine That!  I seem to be building a lot of structures these days!
Is this just by happenstance? 
Or is there a deeper reason for all this construction going on in my sewing room?  Hmm...could be...
These little houses make me think of little Hawaiian Huts!
I also played a little catch up by assembling the Flying Geese filler strip sets from Week Five!
Not exactly flying in perfect formation, now are they?
In this weeks mail were these two generous spools of Aurifil Thread from
I was the happy recipient of these as a result of posting my Spring Tulips block
 Each week they select three winners from the postings of the current block!
Another big thanks for Fat Quarter Shop for the prizes that participants are enjoying and most especially for hosting this Happy & Fun Sew Along featuring the talents of Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet!
Back to work tomorrow...sigh...
~Nancie Anne


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Maecee's Sunday Post...

MoMmy SeZ shE nEeDz a RooMeiR sEwiNg ChAiR...
Im' nOT SuRE WhY...
ThIz OnE Already HaZz AwL tHe GoOd ThReaDz
An' SeAmZ CoZzY 'NuFf  TwOo mE!
WaGs 'N  KiSsez!!!!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Country Homecoming Quilt

Several months ago, I came across a group of bloggers making the Country Homecoming Quilt.
By the time I discovered what they were doing they were nearly done and, after all I was happily consumed with Country Charmer at that point.  I fell in love with the homey feel of those bloggers homespun quilts, and particularly with the applique border.  Having had little experience using homespuns, but a healthy sized collection of them picked up on sale, I put it on my "to do someday list" and began what turned out to be a lengthy search for the book!

  That was a rude awakening.  I couldn't find anyone carrying the book, my one attempt at ordering it through a shop fell through when they wrote back and said it was out of stock.  Searches on Amazon and eBay revealed prices that made me gulp, usually twice the original list price!  Then one day several months ago, while on Amazon for a different reason, something just spoke to me, I plunked the words Primitive Gatherings Quilt into the computer, and lo' and behold, there it was!  Someone had listed a new copy for the original list price!  I didn't blink!  SOLD!!!! Ka Ching!
I crossed my fingers, hoping that this time the book would actually arrive...and it did, in brand new pristine condition! 
I've since bent it, drooled on it, & drug it to my bedroom and back, giving it that lovingly used patina!
Still, I hesitated to begin.  Homespuns fray...A LOT!  Aargh!  Then I recalled one bloggers post about what a struggle this quilt had been for her to complete.  EEK!  I still wanted to dive in and do it, but then there are all those other projects going...TWO Country Charmers as it turns out, a stack of UFO's and WIPS, not to mention the holidays...and THE JOB. UGH.
Then came January...everyone was chatting about goals vs. resolutions and what new projects they might do this year and I was making my list of unfinished quilts to finish, and setting goals to have things completed by certain birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!  I had also committed myself to The Quilty Fun Sew Along and strrrrreeeetching my style horizons in that way!
Well, then Kim, you know, that little overachiever at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure posted that she'd really like to make this quilt too and was anyone else interested?  Well heck, yeah!  I was hopping up and down with my hand waving frantically in the air!  This was just what I needed.  Another Quilty Support Group!  This was a quilt I really wanted to do in conjunction with others who wanted to tackle it!
And who says all those other projects have to get done this year, anyhoo?  I don't see no Quilt Police hangin' in my 'hood!  Weeeelll...there is that little devil on my left shoulder and the little angel on my right shoulder...

Kim outlined a plan to do 2 blocks a month for 6 months, then take a couple of months to complete the outer border which sounded quite reasonable to me.
Maybe I'll have time for some of those UFO's & WIP's after all!  One can only hope!  I have a couple of daughters tapping their toes in a rather testy manner.
So!  I got out my saws, hammers & nails, and began construction on my first two houses,
 with an ample supply of heavy spray starch to help keep my foundations from raveling!
I'm being extra careful with my pressing to avoid distortion and have found the piecing to be really easy and fun!  The seams matched up beautifully!
Then it was time to add doors and windows.  I created a few originals, 'cuz that's just the way I am! 
I decided to go with the old fusible web and buttonhole stitch 'em down method on this project.  The book gives destructions...'er instructions for needle turn, but I'm going to save needle turn for things that I feel are more heirloom in nature than this project is intended to be.
I'm doing my best to let go of my perfectionism and let plaids fall where they may...out of line, off kilter and out of whack!  By George!  If the author of the book can do it, so can I! 
This is a primitive project after all!
So here are my 2 houses for February!  Be still my pitter pattering heart!
I decided that I wanted the first one to look like there were candles glowing inside the house.  The thought just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on wet, overcast, soggy, drippy days like these!

The second one I decided that I shouldn't get quite so overzealous with and simplify a little...
that won't last forever though!  Heavens no!  Not me!  Take the easy way out?  Never!

I hope you, my bloggy friends, had a Happy, Happy Valentines Day!!!

~ Nancie Anne

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quilty Fun Progress & Fun Recognition too!

This weeks block is called Fall Leaves...
I'm thinkin' mine are a bit more on the Springy side!
SEE!  I haven't just been watching the Winter Olympics and Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!
I've been playing catch up and keep up on the...
First of all I'd like to send out a Thank You to The Fat Quarter Shop for selecting my little Tulips block as one of their 3 winners from last weeks tulip block photos posted on
I'm looking forward to receiving two, count 'em!, TWO spools of Aurafil Thread!
I've been and still am behind in getting some of the blocks sewn together but have been doing a bit a catch are some I hadn't shared yet.

I also did some revision on one of my favorite blocks that needed a little more OOMPH!
My mug block has gone from this!


Ahhh.....I feel better now...
the body of each mug is the same but now my handles show up better
and they're actually recognizable as mugs from a distance!

Okay, gotta dash! 
Westminster has come on in the other room
and I'm missing the Sporting Group!
Hey Zinnie!  I'm rooting for the Golden Retriever!  Love you sweet girl!
In case you haven't met,
Zinnie is the World Famous Quilt Testing Assistant
to Lynn Wilder at Sew'n Wild Oaks.
She enjoys posing for pictures with her Moms quilts
and making sure her Dad has a clean pair of socks each morning.

 Zinnie's Self Appointed Auntie...~Nancie Anne

******* Postscript*******
The Golden didn't win Group but did come in Third Place!  Still a darn good showing!
No Golden Retriever has ever won Best In Show at Westminster...yet, but that never stops me from rooting for them!
Congratulations to Skye, the beautiful Wire Fox Terrier
2014 Westminster Best In Show

Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Outside...Bloomin' Tulips Inside...

There's leftover Super Bowl pizza in the fridge, a new skiff of overnight snow on the ground & I proclaimed today a sewing day last night!  In other words, Mama's not making Fettuccine and Chicken Cacciatore tonight....but maybe tomorrow! 

Block 12 of the Quilty Fun Sew Along was introduced this morning at Bee In My Bonnet, Fat Quarter Shop & Sew Take A Hike and I'm already growing Tulips!  They are so cute (there I go being modest again) and were really fun to make!

I sure am looking forward to seeing real tulips, daffodils & hyacinths blooming...
Now!  On to the next project!
~Nancie Anne

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Necky, Heaty, Thingy ~or~ Mom vs the Dachshunds!

So, the other day I was reading The Patriotic Quilter's post about a retreat she attended recently.   A couple of the attendees had each brought along a heating pad designed just to go around the neck and shoulders that was very popular!  PERFECT!!!!  I promptly shared the post with hubby, who intelligently agreed that this was something I really need! 
I spend nearly 10 hours a day in front of a computer on workdays, then come home to catch up with my bloggy friends.  On non-work days I'm in front of the sewing machine, hunched over my cutting mat, or catching up again with all those inspirational blogs out there!  Eureka!  This is what I need for all those twinges and tweaks in my shoulders and neck! Details here!

I went to my local W Store yesterday, not the one that ends in "Mart", the other one, and ta-da! there it was, my own little necky heaty thingy!  I tucked one under my arm, along with a light to stick up by the back door so I can see the keyhole in the dark and a Valentine gift perfect for my sons leopard lovin' girlfriend!

I came home, unboxed my little find, plugged it in and sat down to test it out.  It felt great for a few seconds, although the magnetic closure makes in a titch tight, around my short pudgy neck, but that's easy... closing it isn't altogether necessary.  But then, I kid you under 60 seconds our little doxie, Shooter, was insistently climbing his way onto my shoulders, followed immediately by Maecee who piled on top of him!  What a sight we must have been, me looking like a hunchback with two dachshunds stacked one atop the other!  It brings to mind that Igor in Young Frankenstein may not have had a moving hump on his back afterall...just a devoted dachshund under his shirt...afterall, burrowing into warm places is what they do best!

Lesson learned.  Don't plug in the necky heaty thingy without first plugging in the electric throw blanket that I keep for days when the leather couch is chilly to distract the cuddle puppies!  Necky Heaty Thingy is not as effective and somewhat painful with the combined weight of two dachshunds pressing down on your shoulders!

I think I'll be going in to use it on the kink between my shoulder blades shortly, provided they're done using it...

Dachshund Endorsement:
Maecee says: "Mom's new Necky Heaty Thingy is perfect for foot cleaning time or for naptime!
Either way, We Love It!!!"
Shooter says: "Mom has managed to get all the way to the end of her post without Maecee running in to be lifted into the desk chair with her!!!  Unheard of!!!"
 Anyhow, Thanks Patriotic Quilter for your great tip off about these heating pads!
I'm sure it will help warm those kinks out...when I get to use it...someday...
~Nancie Anne