Saturday, February 1, 2014

Necky, Heaty, Thingy ~or~ Mom vs the Dachshunds!

So, the other day I was reading The Patriotic Quilter's post about a retreat she attended recently.   A couple of the attendees had each brought along a heating pad designed just to go around the neck and shoulders that was very popular!  PERFECT!!!!  I promptly shared the post with hubby, who intelligently agreed that this was something I really need! 
I spend nearly 10 hours a day in front of a computer on workdays, then come home to catch up with my bloggy friends.  On non-work days I'm in front of the sewing machine, hunched over my cutting mat, or catching up again with all those inspirational blogs out there!  Eureka!  This is what I need for all those twinges and tweaks in my shoulders and neck! Details here!

I went to my local W Store yesterday, not the one that ends in "Mart", the other one, and ta-da! there it was, my own little necky heaty thingy!  I tucked one under my arm, along with a light to stick up by the back door so I can see the keyhole in the dark and a Valentine gift perfect for my sons leopard lovin' girlfriend!

I came home, unboxed my little find, plugged it in and sat down to test it out.  It felt great for a few seconds, although the magnetic closure makes in a titch tight, around my short pudgy neck, but that's easy... closing it isn't altogether necessary.  But then, I kid you under 60 seconds our little doxie, Shooter, was insistently climbing his way onto my shoulders, followed immediately by Maecee who piled on top of him!  What a sight we must have been, me looking like a hunchback with two dachshunds stacked one atop the other!  It brings to mind that Igor in Young Frankenstein may not have had a moving hump on his back afterall...just a devoted dachshund under his shirt...afterall, burrowing into warm places is what they do best!

Lesson learned.  Don't plug in the necky heaty thingy without first plugging in the electric throw blanket that I keep for days when the leather couch is chilly to distract the cuddle puppies!  Necky Heaty Thingy is not as effective and somewhat painful with the combined weight of two dachshunds pressing down on your shoulders!

I think I'll be going in to use it on the kink between my shoulder blades shortly, provided they're done using it...

Dachshund Endorsement:
Maecee says: "Mom's new Necky Heaty Thingy is perfect for foot cleaning time or for naptime!
Either way, We Love It!!!"
Shooter says: "Mom has managed to get all the way to the end of her post without Maecee running in to be lifted into the desk chair with her!!!  Unheard of!!!"
 Anyhow, Thanks Patriotic Quilter for your great tip off about these heating pads!
I'm sure it will help warm those kinks out...when I get to use it...someday...
~Nancie Anne


  1. The pups are so cute. Twas very considerate of you to get them a warming pad!

    1. The pups are very considerate, as is Ms. Cha Cha...they say Hello!

  2. So the dachshunds won again then?

  3. That necky, heaty thing looks like it could be very dachshunds here to share with!

  4. Ha ha! I ordered that heating pad from Amazon after I saw it on Joanne's Patriotic Quilter blog and it's pretty good so far! Of course, I don't have any dachshunds to share it with either!

  5. Ha ha ha! I found your blog today and just love the dachshund stories! I have two overweight dachshunds and I know exactly what you mean!! Love the heating pad.