Friday, February 21, 2014

Stash Beyond Life Expectancy? Who Me????

As part of my Quilty Goal Setting for this year I'm trying to be good. 
I'm trying not to add to my stash.  I'm trying to match up what I have with patterns I love. 
Really I am! 
Sound familiar?????

I Fail...I fell off the wagon and bought more homespuns for Country Homecoming on the way home from work last night! 
I stopped in to look at Quiltmania and I had one of those Tree, Tree, Tree, SQUIRREL! moments!
Oh well...I know I'm not alone...
in celebration of my success as an Intuitive Fabric Collector
aka someone who just knows she'll need that incredible chunk of fabric someday
& will kick herself if she doesn't purchase it now!
(Can you believe I just thought of that all by myself?)
I invite you to join me in entering the Keepsake Quilting drawing to WIN FREE Fabric for Life!
Would you like to win free fabric for life?  Say What???  Who wouldn't?!?!?!  Well, one lucky winner will win free fabric for 20 years and that's quite a stash!  Two more winners will win free fabric for a year, not too shabby either!  There are more prizes beyond that!  You can enter daily by Clicking Here!

Good Luck!  I figure my odds of winning are waaaay better than becoming an Olympic Medalist!  Right???

~Nancie Anne


  1. ROFL I did not put myself on a fabric diet. But I have been trying to refrain, but then I ran low on staples which I explained to DH is like being a mechanic and running out of grease and oil. Sew I had to order some fabric.

  2. Lots of giggles here. I can relate!

  3. It's NOT FAIR!!! I'm not eligible. Good luck though, I really hope you win.

  4. Hahahahahahahahaha...I SO relate! XO

  5. Is it funnier because it is so true?!!! Love the funnies!!!