Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Efforts!

Seems I still haven't learned my lesson.  Turned this little quilt block in for our local quilt shows quilt block challenge yesterday.  The challenge fabric is the red black and green stripey stuff that I made the basket fans and holly leaves from.  Titled this little rascal "First Star I See Tonight".  Wouldn't mind having this one win and come back home with a collection of star blocks to surround it.  I used my new Gingham Girls Sunny Days pattern, for the basket, borrowed part of a snowman from Bunny Hills Snowbound BOM and the holly leaves from the cover quilt in my well worn (and falling apart) Tis The Season book by the gals at Quilt Patch Pattern Co.
Initially my thoughts on this fabric were something gypsy or russian but what?  Then I awoke one morning last week having an "Aha Moment" after having accidently tripped across the forgotten little scrap of challenge fabric the previous day in my search through my fabric cupboard for something else entirely.  Must've been meant to be.  Time was absolutely of the essence.  So we'll see how my little Snow Dude does next weekend.  Success or not, I have completed something fun and contributed to the quilt show.
We (my quilting partner in crime) and I have also entered a large quilt....but more on that next weekend...after the show and after the opportunity to get some good pix.

As far as Olympic Efforts goes...I've decided to challenge myself to see how much handwork I can complete while we sit and watch Olympic events.  Last night for Opening Ceremonies, I polished off a hand buttonhole stitch around 5 1/2 holly leaves on my High Strung quilt...(that same cover quilt from that same worn book)

I must say, I wasn't as impressed with the ceremonies as I had hoped to be, but the sight of the Union Jack whetted my desire to make one of those pretty floral Union Jack quilts I've been seeing on other blogs.  I'm an Olde World girl at heart so I really enjoyed the beginning...the green, the cottages, the horses & wagons & costumes...but when they started bringing up the smokestacks and then all the cell phone stuff they started losing me.  All I could think of was "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot"

I loved the Queen as the new Bond glad she's getting out more...& happy to see Prince Phillip recovering & at her side.  Nice to see the Grandkids in the the newlyweds take Harry with them everywhere???  

Rowan Atkinson was hysterical, and David Beckham all dressed up & piloting the speedboat carrying the Olympic Flame...well...what can I say...I might be a Gramma, but I'm not dead yet!

So...we'll just say Cheerio for now!

Nancie Anne

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

 Wishing All A Very Safe & Happy Fourth Of July!!!                                                    
From Maecee & Me