Saturday, June 28, 2014

Keeping My Options Open & Putting A New Spin On Ideas!

Since my last post about Country Corners, I took time to digest what was going on with my prints.  The more I looked at the photos the more displeased I became.  My two small prints were fighting one another.  They were too similar in scale and I realized the cream background of one was making the cream background of the other look dirty.  Can't have that!
I pulled out the eight 2x2 blocks and spent a couple of days digging in Stashzilla again.  I came up with several almosts, but in pure daylight was still not happy.  Finally!  A light cream on cream surfaced from the depths.  I cut my 8 new squares last night and sewed the block together late this afternoon. 
I think my first Country Corners block and I are going to be able to co-habit happily now! 
Originally, I was thinking that this would be a square set quilt, but after seeing Cindy's wonderful on point block in Lynn's recent post about her Sew'n Wild Oaks Class, (click there!) I had one of those Ta-Da! moments!  I've always loved on point settings, so I'm probably going to be assembling the upcoming blocks with that in mind.
In this setting I really like that all my colors are drawn out to the outer edges and that with this placement I've created a double star.

Have you spun a block recently to see how it works on point?
~Nancie Anne


  1. "By Jove, I think she's got it!" as Professor Higgins said.

    It's a wonderful looking block now.

    1. Just you wait 'enry 'iggins, just you wait!!! Sometimes one must reinvent the rules and sometimes its just better to remember the old rules that one learned in ones early years!
      I sometimes need to remind myself to step back and let the right solution fall into place rather than trying to force the wrong one!

  2. The change in the background fabric works well. Now you can play happy.

  3. Love the block ! Perfection :-D

  4. Really pretty. Seam rippers certainly come in handy at times!

  5. Looks awesome--sometimes you just need to play with the fabric