Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Quilting In The Garden~Part Deux

I'm Baaa-ck!  With more enticement from last Sundays trip to Quilting In The Garden at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, California.

This time we are celebrating the works of featured artist...and I do mean artist...Susan Else.
Her incredible imaginative fabric sculptures are inspiring & there was one in particular, that I fell head over heels in love with!  Can you imagine the time spent hand dying, dreaming, drawing, drafting, sewing, quilting, contructing, stuffing, perfecting...are there any "ings" I've left out?????

This little house turns on a pedestal to allow a view from all angles.

 If he were at the bottom of my tree I'd be pulling up my ladder!
This curtain of bodies wasn't the easiest to photograph in this setting...
a new trick for Cirque de Soliel perhaps?

This could be a bit like life living on the sides of Mesa Verde was like in ancient times.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair...

If this ones smart enough, he'll go 'round back and just use the stairs...

Life boat

Chess Anyone?  This is a large you have room?????

This Ferris Wheel really does go round and round!

& if this fellow is having this much fun on the Ferris Wheel, imagine what he's like on the Roller Coaster!  He was my favorite rider...just cracked me up!

Theres a story here...& there & everywhere you turn in this exhibit...

You almost want to see water trickling over these rocks...

Cuddly Climbing Wall?????


Why did I play THREE cards at once?

I don't know about you, but I want the blue it!
and I'm not talkin' about the Blue Hair Perm Special at the Retirement Home! drum roll...
Here are my loves...
Titled "Together Forever"
Lynn told me this piece sold the first morning of the show...
Just look at the vibrancy of the colors and the patterns!
Can you feel the love?
Every rib, Every Vertebra, Patellas, Tibias & Fibulas,
Phalanges &Tarsals... we leave Alden Lane Nursery we spot a few more cuties on the way out...
Not too many Madge's around these days...the name always reminds me of a favorite old Jack Benny movie, George Washington Slept Here. 

Where In The World Is Maecee?????

My daughter would love this Maple in her someday yard!

See Spot, See Spot Roll!

A glass of wine, a clawfoot tub and flower bubbles...
who cares if you're on display!

and I'm just warm fuzzy and cute!
So out to the truck we trudge...arms full of treasure...
As we pull out of our parking space I look to the next aisle and see a woman walking a cute little dog!
To husband I say...slow down when we get down the the end of the aisle...there's a woman walking a little terrier who looks just like Toto and I want to see him better!
So down to the comes woman with Toto on our left, but I'm suddenly distracted by a flash of furry Golden Red to my right at the Main Entrance...
I shout "It's Zinnie!"
and then "It's Lynn & Sue!"
& then I bale out of the truck...not sure still whether we were at a complete stop!
I scamper up the walk where, Thankfully they've stopped briefly, get between them and wrap an arm around each of them, who turn, rather startled to see who's accosting them!
Lynn, recognizes me, hugs me back and then, poor Sue, relaxes a realizing that this crazy person, is actually one of the people she's crossed the pond to meet!
I tell Lynn we were just about to call her to tell them that we were headed downtown to In Between Stitches then to the Car Show.  She informs me that the shop closes in 1 minute...but do go see the car show, Joe's there, then meet them back at the house for dinner...
after which she adds..."if you get there before us, the vacuum cleaner is in the laundry room by the dryer..."
and such is the warm hospitality we enjoyed with Sew'n Wild Oaks Lynn, Mr. Joe, HRH Quilt Sue & Zinnie, The Wonder Dog, for the next three days...
The Real Adventure Begins!
Nancie Anne