Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beyond The Quilt Show...Vvvvvrooom!!!

There seems to be a trend happening...
Wives have a quilt event on their calendar...
and suddenly a car show crops up!!!
Quilty Buddy & I were Shop Hopping earlier this summer & wound up having to park several blocks away from one shop and walk through a fantastic car show to get to our destination.
Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car and didn't get any pictures of the lovely Vintage Model A's, Model T's etc. that I would have liked to wrap up and take home with me.
You see...some of us Quilty Girls can also appreciate a great car...
So on this Sunday in Beautiful Downtown Livermore...we strolled amongst Mr. Joes car clubs annual show...this time with a camera...
Who doesn't love a 2 door '57 Chevy
                       My Great Aunt Fanny would love to be planted in this seat!!!

Don't like Blue???  Well How About Red?'s a shiny!!! 
What's your fuel of choice? 
Well duh!  Orange Crush of Course!!! 
I wonder if this car ever had a raccoon tail flying above? 
This be my baby...I'm still kicking myself for selling my '69 Chevy Malibu...
(& my bright yellow '76 Camaro) 
We rather insulted some young egos in my younger, wilder days cruising Main...
yep...she could move...even without the "extras" that have been added to this Chevelle. 
I always loved her taillights...for some reason they always made me think of Minnie Mouses cute little face!
How many family picnics or moonshining trips might this old girl have seen in her younger days?
 The Boat Front
The Boat Back
Wins the Award for Best Use of Pea Green EVER....right?
My Other Truck is a Skateboard??? Love This Guys Imagination!
ALERT:  This Vehicle Last Seen on the Freeway East of Livermore
with a giggling British Woman behind the Wheel!
Approach cautiously, she tends to forget which lane to use...
Lynn brought up the idea of introducing Quilt Sue to the classic movie, American Graffiti,
after her day amongst these so very American Classics...
I believe the giggling overtook us it didn't happen...
If I were setting this post to would have be the end theme to Ferris Bueller's Day Off...
Boom-Boom, Chicka Chick Ahhhhh...
Now where are my car keys?????
Nancie Anne




  1. It's time to get out the poodle skirts and saddle shoes! Mr. Joe and Wayne will be The Fonz!

  2. Love the 57 Chevy. We had a nice one and someone stole it and removed the top half of the engine. My poor hubby was so disappointed he sold it and of course now he kicks himself. He still has his 1940 Ford Coup, but I sure love the 57's. I always wanted one in Candy Apple Red. Great photos.

    1. Well Shucks Judith! I tried to figure out how to email you! But thanks for your note...glad you enjoyed this post. There are so many of us who now regret parting with those first cars we loved...I have gleaned that you are very near where we just were...Apple Hill..YUM! Still eating apples and pears and Chocolate Turtles...Our SIL graduated HS in Placerville!

  3. At least I know now what poodle skirts and saddle shoes are - after I looked them up!