Saturday, January 19, 2013

Country Charmer & Pizza...Is This A Good Mix? You Decide.

This would be the lovely layout page that Lynn so generously provided to help us stay organized whilst working on Country Charmer.  I used the iron and flattened out the creases.
This would be same layout page with a layer of freezer paper over it.  Lightly...and I do mean lightly, fuse the freezer paper, shiny side down, to the original.
Using a permanant marker and a light touch...and a window or light box if needed...trace the shapes onto the freezer paper as accurately as you can.  Make sure to transfer the letters for those shapes too. Once your tracing is done gently peel the freezer paper copy from the original...your original will be a little worse for wear but as long as you used a light touch with your iron earlier, you should be fine. 
Just go slowly.'ve worked hard...PIZZA BREAK!!!
And then, after you've eaten your pizza...
yep...the entire thing in one sitting...
No, not really, just checking to make sure you're still with me...
Let's do a little flashback!
Actually, while you're on the phone ordering your know that point when they ask you if there's anything else you'd like to order? a keg of soda?...
That's your opportunity to ask sweetly if you could purchase a couple of their largest size pizza boxes.
The teenager/college student on the other end of the line will almost certainly go silent for a brief moment...clear his throat then stammer...
"Well...I-I think we could just Give you a long as you're ordering pizza...'
" long as you order a pizza I'm pretty sure we could just give you a couple" he repeats.
which of course, you've already was your plan the entire time.

Surely you've figured out the method to my madness
by now.
So put down that greasy hunk of pizza and trim your freezer paper template down so that it fits in the box.  (The pretty clean ungreasy one)
 Then adhere it in there using your trusty iron. 
Freezer paper is amazing stuff...iron it on, peel it off, iron it on again! 
Yes, I'm easily entertained...
my cat has caught me swatting at his string on more than one occasion.
And TADA!  You have a nice little box to keep template and all those pieces all cozy and together.
Now remember...I asked for a couple of those nice pristine, greaseless boxes????
Number two will contain the blocks as they're completed, keeping them nice and flat and organized...unlost.
Sew empty...
Sew until then...I'll keep a stash of the good stuff in it. 
You know...For emergencies???
My name is Nancie Anne and I am a Choco-holic!


  1. Hi Nancy. I can't reply to your emails as you are a no-reply blogger. That post with the button was not supposed to be published yet, so thanks for letting me know. I'll do another post to overwrite that one for now. Then will post again when the button is available!

    I love your pizza box idea, just wish I loved pizza so I could do it too!

  2. It's a few minutes later now, and the post is just going up with the button. Thanks again.