Saturday, January 19, 2013

Country Charmer...Deux...Choices Schmoices!

My copy of the Country Charmer pattern arrived in the mail Wednesday.  Just in time for me to spend some time getting acquainted with the directions and getting more serious about fabric selection for this Quilt Along which is hosted by Lynn from Sew'n Wild Oaks and Lesley The Cuddle Quilter.
Right on "Q"...along came Lynn with the first tutorial.  Just when I was trying to figure out the process of working on this project so I could be prompt in posting, but also be in the right place at the right time.  Everything seems to be falling into place...including the dates for our posts.  The majority fall at the end of the month right when I have time away from work to be able to make sure I'm uploading my progress in a timely manner.
I have yet to cut or sewn a stitch...but I've been sorting, washing, pressing and folding up a storm!
I've also been organizing...
This is my sparkly silver notebook...wish the sparkles showed up for you better, it's purtyful!  However, as Mama always says, "It's What's On The Inside That Counts, Darlin'" 
And Here's the "Whats Inside"...
                                          Treasure for sure!
I pulled the pattern from it's envelope and inserted each page in a plastic sleeve creating a book that I can flip through in a organized fashion and protect my pattern from rips, spills or getting lost and from constanting flipping pages around trying to find where it was that I read that. 
The original pattern zipper bag is inserted in the sleeve that also holds the pattern layout page that is a stroke of genious on Lynns part.  That way, when I'm done, it will have survived my nomadic sewing habits and all go back into it's orginal envelope to be filed amongst the other
"Patterns I Actually Got Done"
Also included is Lesley The Cuddle Quilter's Agenda that I copied and pasted from her blog to help me stay on track...and then, hopefully Lynn won't mind this, I've printed her first tutorial and added it to the book for quick reference.  I don't know about ya'll, but this girl still digests written information better when it's on the printed page and handy and I can sink into a big comfy chair to read it. 
I'm working on that...I bought an e-reader just over a year ago, read a book or two on it...use it more for surfing the net and checking email these days...and for entertaining Oh So Precious Grandson with puzzles.  Love that little gadget...definately have gotten my moneys worth out of it!
Any hoozles, I digress...that seems to happen frequently...good topic for another day.
So, There I was, Leanin' Against The Sewing Machine Wheel, being careful not to make it Tilt...
and still debating the fabric selection...
Do We Go Elegant & Feminine?
Fun and Christmas-y?
Or Toss It All Up In The Air Like Fireworks On The Fourth Of July?
(Great excuse to go buy that cute little patriotic sheep print I saw last week!)
I think I have one more necessary trip back to the cave...aka Stash Storage Facility.  
 I'm very partial to the colors of Autumn and I'm sure there is at least one bushel basketful of prints the colors of fallen leaves down there. 
Hmmm...Autumn would be appropriate, in honor of the memorable September day I first got to meet and hug my friend Lynn, and her awesome sister Gail at the Needle Nellies Quilt Show in Georgetown, CA.
It is at least comforting to know that I'm not the only Country Charmer participant who is sharing the quandry of which way to jump...
My name is Nancie Anne & I suffer from Quiltus Addictus...


  1. Whatever way you decide to go, it's going to be beautiful. You could make all three colorways in your spare time Nancy. (I'm glad I don't live close enough for you to hit me.) I'm with you, I print out everything on the computer. It is so much easier to read than trying to follow it on the screen. Have fun with your decision.

    1. Please put Zinnie on the phone...I'm going to have her lick your entire face!
      I love you too!!!

  2. Your fabric choices are all good ones. Which have you decided on?