Friday, September 30, 2016

Boise Basin Quilt Show

I haven't attended a Boise Basin Quilt Show in years, due to the fact that it's usually the same weekend as Quilting In The Garden in Livermore, CA and that equals a visit with my daughter and a chance to catch up with Lynn Wilder!  This year our California pilgrimage is delayed until October so I went and enjoyed the quilt show AND as a bonus did a little unplanned "Junkin" at the event in the next section of the Expo Building, coming home with a teapot, an old mixing bowl and a pearl handled button hook for a shadow box I've wanted to make for years!

I thought I'd just quickly show some of my favorite quilts from the show!  I'm especially fond of Plaid Exchange because it was beautifully constructed by my first quilt instructor who I learned hand piecing & how to draft my own blocks and templates from over 30 years ago. 

Music Is The Voice is an original design by our SIL's talented sister!


~Nancie Anne


  1. Some great quilts you've shared, I'm sorry I missed it.

  2. Some lovely quilts, thank you. I specially loved the Peppermint ian.

  3. I like the red and white quilt very much. Some beautiful quilting on it.