Friday, September 2, 2016

Seeing Stars & Ribbons Of Blue!!!

Earlier this week I brought Christmas Country Charmer, Housewarming & The Great I Am home from the Western Idaho Fair.  All three had been awarded blue ribbons, 100/100 scores and some very kind comments from the judge(s).   I know these quilts better than anyone...I know what we've been through together to get into the finished category, and knowing what I know, I never expected blue ribbons!  I got up the morning after returning from the Baby Shower in California, threw the required sleeves on the back of these quilts and dropped them off at the fairgrounds in the early evening!  I waved goodbye and didn't return til the fair was over.  I never saw them displayed. I never saw the other entries.  Shame on me!  The day we thought we might go to the fairgrounds was the day we decided Maecee needed to go have a once over at the Vet's instead.
My Husband's Housewarming Quilt
 I used up leftover scraps from special quilts previously finished to back this quilt with memories that I knew my husband would enjoy.  Not sure my poor dear quilter still loves me! But it was worth it!
The judge commented that she loved the fun back!
I had enough time to throw a sleeve on the back of The Great I Am.  Since I was making the trip across the valley to enter the other 2 quilts, I decided this fun little Christmas Novelty Quilt might entertain some younger fairgoers.
and...TA DAAAAA!!!!!!
Christmas Country Charmer was also the recipient of beautiful rosette for Best Of Division. Included with this award was an extra bit of premium money and a large Mountain Mist quilt batt!
On the bottom of the scorecard was written, "Perfect! Great quilt. Thanks for sharing! (You made my job easy)"
Considering that I'm still scratching my head over one fair judges comment a year or two ago, I'm pretty tickled with that note!
Thank you again & again & again, to Lynn Wilder, who sits by calmly when I go messing around with her designs!
To think that this quilt started out as a naughty secret surprise for the end of the Country Charmer QuiltAlong between Sue Abrey and I, and the places it's gotten me to!  My dear, HRH Sue is always in the back of my mind challenging me, with a bob of her head & her Yorkshire accent, to perfect my "Pointy Bits".  I've told her that, when I'm having a really challenging time achieving perfection & about to give up, she appears on my right shoulder, wearing her wings, lopsided halo and starts poking at me with her pitchfork!
 The center tree portion of this quilt, is called A Tree For All Seasons, by Julia Ziegler at Room To Learn.
I've also let the HandiQuilter Educators know that the quilt we decided to quilt with metallic thread & sweated bullets over in the classroom a year ago this month has sparkled its way to these sweet little awards!

I'm winding down from my Happy Dance now...

~Nancie Anne


  1. Congratulations! You done good.

  2. They are all beautiful! Congrats on your ribbons: such a happy time! :-) You'll have to show us a close up of the metallic quilting: I'd love to see it! Hugs, H

  3. I love house style quilts and so happy for you that it got a blue ribbon.

  4. Congratulations on receiving those wonderful blue ribbons! The quilts are wonderful and I can see why Country Charmer would make a judge's job easier. Way to go!

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