Saturday, October 1, 2016

It's Like Night & Day!

The guest lecturer and featured Quilt Artiste at the Boise Basin Quilt Show last weekend was Boise native, Barbara Shapel.  
I took a few pictures of some of my favorites in her display of works to share!  Each of these beautiful works of art is 2 sided...Day & Night...
I missed getting the night side of this next one...but I got the side that the Dragonfly shows up best on!
 Look who came out to dance & howl under the moon...a moon that you can actually see through!
 My camera battery died while at this display so I started snapping with my phone...hence, I don't have a picture of the night side of this one either! 
"MOM! They're Touchin' Me!"
  'Moooo-m! There's a MONSTER under our Nest!"
Did you know I love Barn Owls?
We sometimes listen to them at night outside our bedroom window.
I caught one hiding and peeking out at me from one of our deeper pasture corrugates on the other side of the fence years ago...all I could see was to just under his beak...we visited briefly before I went on about my business.
This one took my breath away.  It is my absolute, hands down, no doubts favorite!
Yep! I Saved the Best For Last!

Such a Handsome Face.  I think I'm In-Love...sigh...
~Nancie Anne




  1. wOW! Those are amazing!! Looks like you had a great time: nothing like getting to admire beautiful quilts! :-) Hugs, H

  2. They are just amazing, and so clever.

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