Friday, February 26, 2016

February Ain't Finished Yet!!!!!

So, here's the deal.  This Final Full week For February Finishes (how's that for F-Bombs?) was seriously cut into by two things!  The J.O.B. and snail mail!

All I have been able to squeeze time in For since last Friday, was getting my 2nd and 3rd borders on my little Quilty Fun top.  I am here to proclaim that February is not yet over and I officially have today through Monday to see what else I can get on my Finished list!  So either late Monday or Tuesday morning when February really is a thing of the past, I will post of review of what I've accomplished during this month!  Night before last after adding the last white border, I was still contemplating what I wanted to use For the Final outer border. which is supposed to be cut 6 1/2 inches wide...personal preference being what it is, I'm going to cut mine 4" (Four) wide at the most.  There was a cute little print that jumped out at me from the 2 years of assemblage of blocks and said "Look at me! Look at me! Make ME the border!"  So off to Stashzilla I went to Find what I thought might be plenty of that print to Finish the quilt, only to be reminded that I had purchased the end of the bolt way back when and then split it with a friend.  Alas, I was already married to the idea of using this print, so off I set on a little Cyber shopping trip, with burnt to a crisp eyeballs, about 8:30 Wednesday evening before hauling my tired tail up to bed.  Originally, USPS tracking told me not to be expecting my shipment, all the way From Florida until next Tuesday, but another peek at tracking this morning has informed me that my package is either in the delivery vehicle which will arrive at my mailbox in about 4 (yes, that's Four) or it's sitting around the corner at the Post Office and will arrive tomorrow...unless I go over and see if I can retrieve it this afternoon.

So, last Friday evening, I gave you a little teaser of what the 2nd border would look like.  Here's what she's looked like since Wednesday evening!  Purty Darn Cute if I say so myself! 

 Now, I'm not going to tell you which print won the audition to be the final'll just have to wait and see next week, cuz I'm ornery that way!  But, there's no harm in guessing, in fact, I Double Dawg Dare Ya' to guess! 

I wish to take a moment at this time to direct your attention over to Sweet P Paulette's blog where she has posted a wonderful collection of Photo Finishes!  She truly is stellar, and without her inspiration, I would not have accomplished nearly so much this month.  Sometimes, all it takes, is For one to be challenged by another.  Challenging ones self doesn't always work, but when you have a support system nudging you along, it can make all the difference, even if you've never met in person!  I still have an abundant collection of UFO's in need of a Finish, and I will press on with them...perhaps not at the rate I did this month, but where there is a goal, there is an accomplishment!  Paulette and I have enjoyed this so much, we have decided to declare February 2017 our 2nd (maybe annual?)February Finish month!  I hope that you will join us. 

See you next week!

~Nancie Anne


  1. You GO GIRL!! Now that WAS F-un!! (I have never used the F-words so often! heehee) See you never February...if not before! All the best! I look forward to see this gorgeous quilt finished!

  2. Your quilt is so stinkin' cute!! i need to get on the ball and make one too!! And as far as the outer border, I'm guessing something with black, but knowing me, I'm probably way off!! Congrats on all your finishes: great job!!! Hugs, H