Friday, February 12, 2016

Fantastical Friday!

Well it was a work week this week, although I spent two of my workdays at home trying to tame an on again off again headache coupled with some rumbly tumbly stuff.  Some of it's sinuses...but, I also Fear that some of it is the issue of eyeballs that are growing older and haven't been to visit the eye doctor in a couple of years...or so.  My driver's license has to be renewed in a couple of months, so I suppose I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go let them "have a Look See", in the memorable words of Col. Sherman Potter.  The enlisted of the M*A*S*H 4077th have been my Faithful companions while I've been sewing the past couple of weeks.  These old Friends, like a comfortable pair of old slippers, are streaming into my sewing space courtesy of Netflix.  I only need to hear those Familiar voices, to recall each episode while I continue to sew with my back turned to them.
I find it quite appropriate, that I am sewing on Old Friends, alternately known to us as UFO's, during this month of February Finishes!  Some are Further along in the process than others, but the point is, I am making strides toward crossing them off the Un-Finished List!

My First "sort of" Finish, is attributable to Super Bowl Sunday!  Craft Warehouse emailed Sunday Only 50% off coupons that morning and I happily hopped into my car and drove to town to survey their aisle of Flannels.  I was back well before the start of the game...although, I saw little due to my focus on the happenings in my sewing room.

You may remember this top.  I made it as the result of a little pattern testing I did for Sue Abrey at Quilt Times.
This is Honey Bee Sprinkles, Circa Spring 2014.  It's my take on Sue's pattern, Red Sprinkles.  You can read more about this fun adventure  and see more detailed pix of the top Here!
The top has been long done and has been hanging around here looking at me every day, wondering when it will become anything more than a Flimsy!  Every time I have looked at it, and the warm autumn color palette, I Felt that I wanted it to be a quilt that lives on the recliner, available to wrap up in and provide comfort.  What is more comforting than Flannel?  Not much, says I!
So here's the bit of Purr-Fection that Followed me home! Five yards of it!  Somehow "a Few" Fat Quarters and some heart shaped cookie cutters crept in the bag with it!  Here it is, Laundered, Fluffed and dried, sized, ironed, cut in half and sewn down the middle.  Because it's Flannel, even though its that wonderful quality Flannel courtesy of Bonnie Sullivan, I'm leaving a 1/2" seam allowance to compensate for any additional Fraying that may occur.  Of course, my helpers had to test its sturdiness as a potential wrestling mat before it officially turns into a cuddle quilt!

My quilter has texted me 3 options she has for simple daisylike Flowers and I have yet to make up my mind.  I'll be making a decision as I'm boxing it all up to go in the mail in short order.

Next Finish is this Flimsy!
I just added the beautiful blue border print this morning.  This is Star Spangled Stripes, a pattern from our Favorite little mountain quilt shop, Stitch n' Snip in Garden Valley, where, if you're paying close attention, you may see Bonnie Hunter's "cute little Mom" scamper in and out of Faster than a squirrel gathering nuts for winter! 
This was all kitted up in the cutest little blue trimmed clear plastic, reusable zip bag.  Part of the rail fence blocks were assembled and have been hanging on my design wall since last summer, the remainder were trimmed out, with tons of scraps to spare and waiting!  The Buggy Barn assembly style stars were also cut out and carefully stored for later.  "Later" was this week!  Several were done before the Super Bowl was in the history books.  The remainder were completed thanks to a rare burst of after work energy that I experienced, thanks to goal setting, extra caffeine intake & sinus meds that wired me up so badly that I couldn't sleep!
I can't wait to get it back with it's quilting complete.  I still have to make some decisions on backing though...I think I'll be shopping in my abundant stash this time.  In this case, it was the store sample of this quilt with it's wonderful star and ribbon quilting that sold us on the purchase of this kit!  More stores should display quilted samples rather than Flimsies, I think, especially when the result is that quilting breathes life into the quilt and absolutely prompted the sale of a kit that might otherwise have been overlooked. 
 It's hard to believe I might have overlooked these wonderful prints though...and I'm so thrilled that there are tons of leftovers to play with!  I've already picked another patriotic pattern to use them in!  I love the border print especially, and am thrilled that the same print in red and cream are both in the quilt as well.

Due to the hour of the day, I'm sure you've already been over at Sweet P, Paulette's to see her Friday Finishes...but just in case, here's the link!  As predicted, she's a shining star!  Go "take a Look See" at what she's been up to this week!


  1. The flannel would make a soft and cozy backing for a cover up type quilt.

  2. ohhh my this is wonderful and the addition of flannel...I would say I have added many to mine....and your pets look perfectly suited to this quilt

  3. Beautiful quilts!! And I totally approve of the flannel fabric: I used it for a quilt for my daughter for Christmas. It still has to have the border bought and put on and then quilted. I'll share it with you when I finish! You are certainly doing great with your finishes!! Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs, your Idaho born friend from Calif. :-)

  4. HoneyBee Sprinkles will be just wonderful with a flannel backing and I love the idea of flower-type quilting patterns.
    Your patriotic stars look great are they difficult to do?

  5. WOW!! WOW! WOW! Love all of your projects! Great feeling to get them to this stage! I really love your patriotic quilt! Genius to mix few stars in with the rails!! I was sure this was our last week coming up...who knew that February was such a loooonnnng month!! BUT we are getting things done! Have F-un!

  6. That flannel is perfect and SO cute !!!

    Your patriotic quilt will be perfect for this summer.
    Congrats on getting both of these done always such a great feeling :-D