Friday, February 19, 2016

Fabulous Friday Finishes ~ Evening Edition

Evening, grey skies and an ugly windstorm are upon us and blowing in with it will soon be my hungry husband, so here's the hinted at evening edition of Fabulous Friday Finishes.  If you missed the morning edition, scroll on down to read all about it!

Just a little taste of what the next border will look like!

~Have a Great Evening & a Wonderful Weekend.  The rest of mine will mostly be spent helping my daughter at her house and preparing for the work week...and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to slip in a little more Finish time!

Reporting From my Sewing Room!

~Nancie Anne


  1. OMGosh!! Sheer PERFECTION!! You done good!

  2. I like how the one apple looks like it has been peeled.

  3. I love your quilt, and the ant print: so perfect!!! Love, love, love it!! Hugs, H