Thursday, August 8, 2013

Taos Quilts at Idaho PieceMakerS Show

This was posted on the door in a section of the high school hallway at the entrance to a special display of Taos Quilts where show goers were invited to vote for their favorite.
I thought it sweet and wanted to share it with you.
These quilts were constructed in a class taught by Julia Ziegler
 at her home based quilt classroom called
Room To Learn
Now on with the quilts!
Taos is by Whirligig Designs and finishes a mere 102" square.
This is Julia's quilt and was therefore exempt from the voting...but isn't it gorgeous?
Looking down the hall at about half the quilts that were entered.  Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the quilts on the opposing side.  Just selected a few favorites.
This batik quilt kind of has a Stonehenge feel to it don't you think?
This one contains several Aboriginal prints
And this one is Mega Easter!
All the same, but as many different personalities as their makers...
Kinda like my kids!
Nancie Anne


  1. I love the notice, thanks for showing that as well as some absolutely wonderful quilts. I'm just glad I wasn't there to vote cos I'd probably get thrown out for voting for all of them!