Sunday, August 4, 2013

Idaho PieceMakerS Quilt Show 2013 Challenge Block Quilts

As Previously's my little runner, the Snowman Basket in the center was my contribution to the 2012 Quilt Block Challenge. 
The Stripe that appears in all three blocks was the selected challenge fabric.  I did some reverse sewing on the blocks that flank it.  The HST block was simply a re-sew to ensure that points didn't get swallowed up into the seam allowances.
The block on the left is completely different from the original.  I ripped it apart and reused the fabrics.  The original block was cut without regard to accuracy, possibly not even with templates, and there were an interesting variety of seam allowances.  Kind of like the house that grew like topsy, this block was originally just added onto until it became the required size.
The green outer border is that gorgeous music print that was out in the shops last year, and I couldn't resist using the plaid to bind it. 
How do ya' like the High Tech Quilt Hanging System?  Seems the days of a sleeve on the back of any quilt submitted for show is in the past around these parts...
It's easier...but still,
not as cute as the embellished wooden clothespin method used by Quilting In The Garden
 This is the quilt that belongs to last years block challenge 1st Place Recipient.
The Marlboro Man in the upper left quadrant was the winner and she was able to pick 15 or 16 of her favorite non-placing blocks from other contributors.  Then she spent the remainder of the year creating all the animal blocks, the barn center & setting this inspiration together!
 Here's A Little Guided Tour Around the Quilt...starting with the center... 
I'm particularly fond of this little "Babe" section of the quilt.
  If my wobbly memory serves correctly the 2nd place quilt was not in attendance.
This one was 3rd place.
and this little guy was, I think, the 4th place recipient.
Each block was adorned with a different button in the center.
and here is a piece of the Paisley 2014 Challenge Fabric that followed me home...
one of the best yet...although I could make a rather colorful statement regarding the shape of these little fellas...I will behave myself and refrain...and let you fill in your own blanks. 
and last...for this post, are my favorite new things that I put away in my Playroom.
Beautiful wood working and beautiful wools to put in the Wooley Whatzit box.
I was in need of a new seam ripper...or two as my old favorite has become dull and is no longer available at the "J" store and I broke another not long ago.
the stiletto will come in handy too.
No, they're not all for me...I was playing Mrs. Claus a bit early...
Shh...don't tell!
More show pictures will magically appear...perhaps even tomorrow!
For now...Quilt Your Heart Out!
Nancie Anne


  1. Wow! Your snowman block is super and the runner itself is too. I like the challenge fabric they chose that year. The Marlboro Man quilt is amazing; Every animal looks perfect. I also love the 2 quilts that follow, especially the overall colors. That level of quilt making is inspiring. Thanks for showing us.

  2. I really love your snowman block. As Joanna said the others, specially the Marlboro Man quilt are all eye-poppers.

    Thinking about the 2014 challenge fabric (which I love, by the way) I assume you think the shapes look like psychedelic tadpoles?