Monday, August 5, 2013

Art Quilts From Idaho PieceMakerS Show

Favorites from the Art Quilt Division at the Idaho PiecMakerS Quilt Show
My personal favorite was this old locomotive!
My train happy Grandson is going to love this one!
Reminds me of an old farm we visited once...the parking attendant was a full grown pig.
Remember the old short lived TV show Apple's Way?
Waltons creator, Earl Hamner's project as I recall.
The family lived in an old mill?
I always thought that was so cool.
Look closely Mermaid & Treasure Chest are bedazzling!
The more I look at this one the more I love her.  I love that the diamond background suggests the scales of a fish...or mermaid.
This was our pick in the Youth Category...
This 10 year old has what it takes...she can select colors that work together &
 her seams and intersections were dead on!
Great Job!
Not done yet!
Nancie Anne

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  1. I think the barn was my favourite, or maybe the mill. Thanks for showing them to us anyway.