Friday, March 28, 2014

I Got A Little Inspiration From Above This Morning...


The Quilters Prayer

Dear Lord in Heaven, 

Fill me with Inspiration to put the fabric in my care to good use.

 Give me Wisdom to not discard the scraps as useless and to later combine those leftover into a more masterful Work of Heart than the original intended use.

 Give me Faith in myself, that my works are worthy to be shared & passed on to Generations yet to be.

 Give me Time...for my hands and eyes to continue to create and enjoy this collection of goods we refer to as "Stash".

 Give me Opportunity to sit in Heaven Above a Hundred Years from now and look down upon my Quilt, now tattered, torn & faded by love and ages, tenderly held up in a guild meeting and referred to as "Antique".


 Nancy Cobler~

March 28th, 2014


  1. Very well stated Nancy! Love it.

  2. Wow, that is beautiful! I just love it! Thanks so much! XO