Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patty's Day Cabbage Anyone?

Have I mentioned before that our Katie, was born on St. Patty's Day???????
These are pictures you may have seen before, from her Irish Honeymoon last summer.

No, we didn't eat Corned Beef & Cabbage each year because she wasn't fond of it as a child and she was a Taco girl!  So we ate tacos every St. Pattys Day, sometimes in green spinach tortillas!

One cabbage recipe that has always been a hit, however is Cabbage Lasagne!  I know, sounds a little off putting at first, but wait til you try it!  We've even done this Dutch Oven style over the campfire for a Llama Association Rendezvous Potluck.  We just bagged up the layers in ziplocs at home and put it together at the campsite.  I made it last night for our over the phone surprise birthday party where we shared not just one but TWO birthday cakes that our Irish Lovin' girl was unable to partake in.  We made her suffer without a shred of guilt!  We giggled and laughed all evening!  We also had the delightful company of our youngest son, his girlfriend/fiancé & her little nieces, ages 5 & 9!  Those little girls have our son wrapped around their fingers and lovingly call him No-No, the nickname Noah was given by a former basketball coach!

Cabbage Lasagne Recipe
Brown 1 lb. Ground Beef
add 1 diced onion & 1 diced bell pepper & saute'.  Drain.
Add one Jar/Can of Spagetti Sauce with Mushrooms.
In a 9 x 13 baking dish layer 1/2 head chopped cabbage.
Cover with 1 lb. of grated Mozzerella Cheese.
Top with Ground Beef Mixture and Bake at 350 for 1 hour.
If you're doing Crockpot or Dutch Oven you can double the recipe and do multi layers.
That way you won't waste half of a perfectly good head of cabbage, unless you're making Cole Slaw to serve on the side.
Last night I wanted one pan to go and one pan to keep at home for later.
I used the other half of my cabbage for the second pan and only doubled the meat, peppers, cheese and spaghetti sauce (combining 2 different favorite flavors)
I stuck to just one onion because for my tumbly, one onion goes a long way.
I just divided everything up evenly as I layered back and forth between the two!
I hope you try it and enjoy the cheesy goodness as much as we do!

I wish you all a Happy St. Patricks Day, as mine has been so blessed these past 31 years!

Katies 4-H/FFA/Growing Up with Critters Memory Quilt in Honor of her Vet School Graduation.
~Nancie O'Anne

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  1. Hmm, I might have to give that lasagne a try. We love cabbage, and we love cheese, but I never thought of putting them together.