Monday, March 11, 2013

Tag Team Quilt...Slam Dunk!

So...Quilting Partner in Crime & I spent two days this weekend Tag Team Quilting!  I ironed & cut and passed off organized bits and pieces while she sewed pressed and trimmed. 
I briefly mentioned in a previous post that our boss has announced her retirement...effective the end of March.  This does not allow a lot of time to repeat that something special heirloom dresdan quilt with miles of hand embroidered buttonhole stitch that we pulled off a couple of years ago for another friend who retired .  However, Boss Lady is an old 4-H/FFA Mom, whose girls showed Suffolk Sheep & she has a deeply personal faith.  She will love what we are doing for her.  Nancy Halvorsen to the rescue!

We Made A Man!

Our Hearts Belong To The Black Sheep!

A Bit Of Buggy Barn Creamery Neutral Makes Great Wool!

Irish I Wuzza Sheep!

Whirls & Swirls of Wool!

Stripey Wool On The Horizontal to Deal with That Pesky Center Seam

Some Sheep Count Stars In Their Sleep!

Another of the 40 Shades of Green in Ireland Sheepie!
On The Design Wall...They have since been sewn together.

VIP (Very Important Puppy) Supervisor, Nitro!
Puppy?  Small Horse is more like it!  This is one tall Lab let me tell ya'!
(I'm his favorite Aunt & Babysitter!)
He's usually snoring with his head on a pillow...we bore him!
The back for this quilt is going to be something special too!  Stay Tuned!
Spring Is About Sprung...Time for Lambs!
Nancie Anne


  1. Love all those sheep blocks. Tag teaming it gets the job done and fun in the process.

  2. This looks great. I bet the lucky lady is going to love it.