Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patty's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Our Eldest Daughter, my Katie Baby.  No matter how old they are, or the vastness of their accomplishment...when it comes down to it, they still are and always be our babies!  Right?  Times goes on...
Her dear old 4-H Llama, Penzance, turns 18 tomorrow, and still pads around our retired from showmanship and obstacle course competitions and backpacking trips in these Idaho Mountains, but still active and still with those intelligent long lashed brown eyes that see everything & that permanent smile on his wonderfully curious face.  Two of a kind they were.  A completely symbiotic relationship.  Watching them glide with ease from obstacle to obstacle with such poise and grace always left a lump in my throat.  They made it look was magical and as beautifully choreographed & graceful as anything I've ever seen on a dance floor.

I always have said that I should have know that this child would be born on St. Patricks Day...cuz I was GREEN the entire 9 months!

My blonde green eyed girl loves all things Irish.  Shamrocks, Belleek, Celtic Knots & Claddaughs.  She lovingly nurtures the shamrock given to her by her Dad one has survived 4 years of Northern winters and Vet School...a year of Internship and this past year and a half of being consumed with being in love, becoming engaged and planning her wedding.  No surprise.  The honeymoon will take place in Ireland.

In a few days she'll be receiving a small box containing this...
we saw this delicate little crystal shamrock & trinity knot tiara while visiting her at school a couple of years ago...and I promised then...when she found that special someone it would be hers.
Our little girl is going to be a beautiful bride.'s a sentimental Mom Day,
Nancie Anne

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