Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Housewarming...Nearly Ready To Be A Sandwich!

After all is said and done...after all the unfortunate accidents (click!) that happened to this quilt top along the is done...well except for a little loose thread removal and checking the back for any loose stuff that still needs trimming & stay stitching the edges.  Last night, just as the Terrier Group was entering the show ring on the Westminster coverage the last few stitches went into the last border strip!  This top and I share a few secrets...we know where we had to make some "adjustments" that the quilt police would raise a disapproving eyebrow at.  Suffice it to say, there were several spots where I got plenty of practice in "holding my mouth just right" that went along with all the ripping, reconfiguring, rinsing, bleeding, washing, more ripping, replacing and reassembling, adjusting and easing.  But she's done and from the front you can barely tell that we have had such a journey!

Disclaimer...this photo is NOT the writer's husband...
further, writer does not accept responsibility and will not provide restitution for any confusion, 
additional altered mental status, palpitations or other physical injury that may result from any reader lingering too long at this portion of the post.
This one is for my husband, who actually used the terminology, "square it up" just last night & who learned long ago that it's useless to complain about the stray threads that attach themselves to his socks, the bits of fabric that seem to wander out of the sewing room on their own..."The Look" he receives when I see that he is considering whether or not using my Ginghers to trim something is really worth the possible consequences...the tower of patterns and magazines that keep him from being able to lie down on the couch without the assistance of a block and tackle to move them to a vacant spot on the otherwise fabric covered coffee table...the meals that are frequently a little later than expected. 
This is for all the miles he has driven on "Our Vacation" to visit the next quilt shop that's just a couple of towns over...for holding my precious little Doxie, while I'm pulling and petting bolts of fabric and visiting with the little quilt shop ladies who stop to coo at her.  This is for carrying her in his arms so she's not accidently stepped on by upward looking quilt show attendees while I'm snapping pictures of quilts fluttering in the breezes which are suspended from equally intriguing ancient Live Oaks, while more little ladies stop him to tell him about the little Doxies who still live in their hearts.  Even 8 lbs. gets heavy after awhile, especially when it occasionally struggles to make sure that the "Mommy" person hasn't ventured too far away & gotten lost forever and ever!

So...Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday & Happy Valentines Day All Rolled Into One Sweetie! 
I Believe You've Earned It,
along with that new grill that should help you with that late dinner thing...
I took it outside for pictures this morning, briefly, cuz it's pretty and not windy out there but it's so stinkin' cold that my hands began to hurt.
As always, one discovers far more loose threads still clinging in daylight that need to be picked off before snapping pictures.
We decided that we wanted to repeat the center star in the outer border rather than the L brackets in the original design. 
& my trusty graph paper notebook lent some assistance in reducing that star!  I decided to surround the stars with the border fabric so they would "float" within the border...sorry my pix don't show them off as clearly as I'd like.  They pop much better in person!
I'm going to start piecing the back for it will contain leftover fabric from our daughters graduation barn quilt, which my husband is also very fond of. 
Yep...most of my backs are pieced from leftovers and stuff that's been hanging around forever. 
Use It Up, Make Do!  In this case, it will also be a bit sentimental.
Cotton Pickin' Country Charmer Update!
Night before last two more little birdies were freed from captivity!
25/35th's of the blocks are now completely picked! 
I'm not quite sure what I'll do with myself once they're all undone!
I know, I'm weird...but I really am enjoying the picking process!
Happy Wednesday!
~ Nancie Anne


  1. Love house quilts and this one is no exception.

  2. Oh your house quilt is gorgeous, and Thanks for the giggle. You have a definite keeper there especially for taking care of the baby at the quilt shows. Yeah you have so much of the stitching removed from the quilt.

  3. What a fantastic anniversary quilt!! Just perfect for a man! :-) So many of the quilts we make are of the feminine nature: it seems to be a stretch to make one that would appeal to our hubbies! He sure sounds like a great man who knows that "If momma ain't happy, nobody's happy!" :-) And so glad to hear that the misshaps have been taken care of and it is ready to be sandwiched! Have a great weekend! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  4. Housewarming is fabulous! Stunning quilt with those beautiful fabrics. Thanks for the CC are definitely in the home stretch!

  5. Oh Nancie ! Housewarming is GORGEOUS!!!

    Congrats on a GREAT finish :-D

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