Thursday, May 8, 2014

Does Anyone Know...?????

I Saw This Quilt On Pinterest....
It Made My Heart Go Pitter-Pat!
Does Anyone Recognize It or Have Any Clues Who The Designer Is or
Where I Might Find The Pattern?????
Further research indicates that this is a design from an older Blackbird Designs book, but I've not been able to figure out which book yet.  More sleuthing to do!
In my tired state of mind last night, I neglected to say that my sleuthing had also uncovered that, consistently, photos and posts told me the name of this quilt is "Old Glory".  The last thing I did before shutting my tablet off last night was look at an online page of the covers of all the Blackbird Designs cover stuck out in my mind as a likely candidate based on the cover quilt and title.  I pulled the covers up and hoped that I might wake to a response to one of my emails or a new blog comment, someone out there has to know which book this quilt is in!
I have to say, I love Blackbird Designs quilts and I have to say I am most frustrated by Blackbird Designs online information!  I found photos on Blackbird Designs blog and confirmation that the design is called Old Glory, but, they neglected to say which book it was from in both places.  I found a commenter on one posting who was pleading and as frustrated as I in trying to figure out which book to find it in.  Unfortunately, that post was from 2011 & the commenter was a no-reply reader, so I was unable to contact her to find out if she'd ever tracked it down.  A website for Blackbird Designs has always been next to impossible to access and leans more toward their cross-stitch line & Kansas City Star website doesn't provide much more than the cover photo. 
This is not the first time I've spent a day or more trying to figure out which book I might find one of their exquisite quilts in!  Sometimes Amazon saves me with one of their listings that gives you the opportunity to look inside, but not in this case.
SO!  This morning I wish to Thank CHRISTINE!!!  She came to my rescue, lowered my heartrate & left me a comment overnight telling me that Old Glory is in the Blackbird Designs Book, Home Sweet Home.  The very book I suspected it might be in as I went off to Dreamland!
Christine!  I'm sending you THREE CHEERS!  A couple of HURRAHS!  The BIGGEST, SQUEEZIEST HUG I can muster this morning and MY UNDYING GRATITUDE!
Perhaps we should do a quilt along once we both have the book in our possession! 
I can now begin looking for a copy of Home Sweet Home in a more relaxed manner, flip my obsessed online sleuthing switch off, and concentrate on what's on my sewing machine...cuz I promised myself that SOMETHING was going to hit the fan, uh, finished stack before I return to work next week!
It's Just Me
~Nancie Anne
Searching For A Cure For Heart Palpitations!


  1. It looks like a Blackbird Design to me. It's beautiful!

  2. IT'S "OLD Glory" from Blackbird Designs book, "Home Sweet Home" I saw a copy on ebay. It is on my to-do list !

    1. Christine, You are my Hero! I sure wish I could find your email address!

  3. I thought it was a Blackbird Designs quilt as soon as I saw it. A friend of mine made the quilt several years ago.

  4. Wow, it's beautiful!! I hope you make it.

  5. I have the book and want to be in on the quilt along when you get started! XO

  6. Quilters are the BEST ! How fun for some of you to have a sew along to make this wonderful quilt. It will be fun to watch your progress on this one :-D

  7. If you haven"t ordered it yet, I see it on Soft Expressions for 40% off.