Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm Still Here!

Rest assured, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.  I'm in the midst of expansions and reductions, inside and outside.  Dedicating more time to one precious little boy & using the excuse of watching Boise State Football with Papa to garner the time.   I'm also getting acquainted with my new machine.
This week, however, I'm spending much time in the pasture, working on fences, trimming hooves and injecting immunizations and wormer into well fed little behinds.  In all this time spent, unbeknownced to them, I'm saying my bittersweet farewell.  This is our daughters herd.  And yes, silly sentimental me, I've had some lump in the throat moments and spilled some tears.  I'm not just saying goodbye to eight terribly spoiled, floppy eared, sometimes pain in the behind, Nubian Dairy Goats...they're family.  We're closing the door on a piece of our little family's history.  It's almost as though my daughter is moving away...again.  This time their names are, Bee & her daughter, Callie O'Malley; Lily, & her daughter, Willow; my masseuse, Abby Anne, her daughter, Emma Anne & her granddaughter, Kellen Anne, and finally dear sweet roman nosed, McKellyn, whose show ring successes made a young girl very proud.  Their registered names, of course, are much more extensive...being royalty and all. 
Life changes, like the seasons, the herd is going to live with their mistress, for which I'm so grateful.  But I will miss these four legged girls, nearly as much as I miss the one who raised them, loves them and needs them to be part of her life as she's now settling into it.

This is not to say that I haven't sewn.  Country Charmer is coming along...this moment of writing is simply a break from the machine between more sewing and preparing for this afternoons visit with the Vet, a classmate of our daughters who is coming to prepare all the paperwork that will assure that our girls enter their new state of residence with all the appropriate T's dotted and I's, crossed...or is that the other way around????? 
I sewed another little quicky quilt this month and neglected to photograph it as I hurried to get it done before our appointment with the quilter.  It's very cute, and definitely a departure from what I normally choose to work on.  I'll share a photo when it comes back from the quilter...but here's a hint...I often caught myself singing "A Very Merry Un-birthday to you" while working on it.
We picked up the Nancy Halvorsen Shepherd and Sheep quilt that's for our retired boss, and it's sitting in the dining room waiting for it's binding.  A project for another, cooler day.

I must stop for now...so much to do before the big trip comes.  Work at "the real job" resumes tomorrow.  Five workdays left, there at least, before the big trip!
I must leave you with this little bit of cuteness though...I just put this little guy together this morning and added it to it's strip...I think this one, in particular, will bring Lynn a smile...seeing how she is a lover of checks.  The green pawprint fabric is leftover from the spacer/sashing and borders of my daughters barn quilt...which now has a story all it's own...another one of those story for "another day" things.

Yes, I feel the seasons changing,
Autumn is Almost Here...
Nancie Anne


  1. Oh yes, Lynn will love that block.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you (do you come complete with dotted t's and crossed i's too?) next week!!

  2. Your block is lovely. I love the bird!

  3. Oh girl, that is a sweet block! Yes, Lynn will love the checks! Enjoy your visit with Lynn and Sue!