Saturday, May 25, 2013

I'm Not Gonna & You Can't Make Me!!!

I'm not going anywhere today...NO! 
And just like Sally in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown! " I like it"...and I'll say it again!  NO!!!
The house is mine...aaallllllll mine (bwah-ha-ha) for the next several hours...recently it's been as if we've installed a revolving door...people in and out continuously...including myself.  Even the dogs have not known how to handle all the hustle and bustle.  In fact, there was a little acting out on the part of one little short legged man.  I came home from work the other day to find one of my nice black leather clogs pulled through the baby gate that usually keeps the four leggeds honest.  It had been perched on the staircase (in transition to the upstairs closet) and I came home from work to find it thoroughly chewed.  This is not the normal behavior of a 7 year old dog...but is a signal that MOM has spent entirely too much time at work or on the run, and some little dappled grey & black fella apparently decided he needed to express his feelings about that!  I can't really say that I blame feelings have been pretty similar...I just don't have a taste for leather!

Good news though...a new "other half of me" has been hired from another department, so a lot of the orientation sh-tuff won't be necessary and will make it easier to get her up and running.  Just in time, since we are traveling in just a few weeks for our daughter's wedding, way up in the world near Georgetown, California.

We have plants popping up in the garden...especially sunflowers...we have many we planted ourselves for variety...but also lots of volunteers who are just sprouting up wherever they like!  It's going to be pretty sunny out there when they all get their heads up and bloom! 
It's been a weird spring...lots of wind, lots of cold, then sporadic days when the heat is stifling & near 100 degrees.  I've seen plenty of lilacs in bloom...almost everywhere...except our yard...ours are still tiny buds.  It doesn't appear that we'll have any fruit this year as all the blossoms frosted.  Just 2 nights ago we had a frost warning and we have some tomatoes that, although covered, are a little worse for wear.  I look at the beautiful flowers on some of my favorite blogs and find myself more and more tempted to hitch the horses to the wagon and move south...

We do have one very special flower that has blossomed, at last...our middle child has graduated with her BA in History, minor in English, an Accountancy-Finance dual degree with an Internal Audit minor.  She has an interview with the state Tuesday, so we'll see where she goes from here.
It was a family affair...and here she is with her favorite one of Grandmas favorite photos of the day...
it's all about the eyes!
...she's not kissin' me again is she?????
and about holding your tongue just right...
Where does it say "Onest Upon A Time?" Auntie J?
And oh...okay...I'm cringing...can't stand pictures of me...but...this is a rarity...a picture of us with 4 of our 5 little ducklings...this trip was too close to time off for wedding and honeymoon for the bride...
so we'll get even with her next month!
The eldest is "Mr. Cowboy"...
Bringing up the rear...12 years and two weeks younger is
 "Mr. 6' 2", Watch Me Flex My Muscles & Slam Dunk"
Two boys with the same parents, in the same family, couldn't be much more different.
Peachy looks, and often behaves, like 16, but is 21, for a few more weeks.
She was going to be an Orthodontist,
but is now exploring Business Law & Human Resource Management.
And we can't leave out our little Annie Oakley Daughter-In-Law from my last post...
Bless her heart...she's getting so good at wielding hammers, nail guns, shovels, loppers & rototillers that my husband thinks he's gotten himself a pretty handy little partner as a result of this marriage.  I recently told my son that one day he was going to come home and find that she'd built them a whole new house while he was at work!
We also inherited a Grandaughter, with hair as soft as dandelion down, as a result of this union...
So...I'm hearing a wedding and 3 quilts just back from the quilter calling my name...
two more on the design wall and another tempting me to cut fabric...
Better get on it when I have "all this time" and have hidden my car keys from myself!
Have a Sunny weekend wherever it leads you!
Nancie Anne


  1. Good to hear from you. Congrats to your daughter and I'll keep my fingers crossed for her on Tuesday.

    Your new little granddaughter looks so cute, but I bet she can get into all sorts of mischief given half a chance!

  2. Thanks! We're crossing fingers, toes and eyes! And yes, cute and so full of mischief!