Friday, November 9, 2012

Where Did Summer Go?

August rolled around and the sweltering heat had me looking forward to Autumn, and as predicted, on this chilly day when the valley has seen it's first early morning skiff of snow, I find myself fondly reflecting on the beauty of July.  Things feel a little warmer when remembering the Thelma & Louise trip my Quilty Partner in Crime (QuiPiC) and I took to enjoy Eastern Oregons Sagebrush Shop Hop and the Quilt Show held annually at the Baker City, Oregon Armory.
We visited our girls in Baker City at Traditions and Treasure Every Stitch, discovered Pendleton Quiltworks, which has since been featured in Quilt Sampler Magazine, revisited the awesome little shop, Quilts Plus, in the tiny mountain village of Halfway which also carries vintage household items to tempt you and remind you of Grandmas kitchen.  But this year, I finally succeeded in getting back to Joseph and who knew that in such a remote area, we'd find ourselves in one of the most wonderful quilt shops, Cattle Country Quilts, stocked to the brim with everything to keep a quilter happier than a witch in a broom factory during those long winters.  Their website does not begin to do the shop justice.  It's light, bright, pristine, friendly, and has an amazing up to date inventory and something for EVERYONE!
Years ago we drove through Joseph after a weekend of camping in the Wallowas near Enterprise with several 4-H kids and trailer loads of llamas.  The goal was Hells Canyon to give the kids a photo op and home...there was no stopping in Joseph, no matter how much I drooled and oohed and awwed.  The breathtaking views, even in late May and early June are of rugged snowcapped Wilderness, the town is sort of a cross between Sun Valley and Sisters.  Very cute indeed.  Cafes, Shopping, Ranches & wonderful Barns abound...and the never ending views...I'm sure it's very close to Heaven.  Sharing this trip with a great friend was the best and we found ourselves making plans to return next year with husbands and pups in tow.
So here are some pictures of favorite quilts from the show in Baker City...and some friends we made along the way...
The flower construction on this Christmasy runner piqued my attention...

Hmm. Buggy Barn in Batiks!  I've been tempted with that idea myself!

I love this pattern all flowers and stars and circles depending on where and how you perceive it.

I realized I had this a's a good one!

Same Buggy Barn Baskets...different theme...One should have Toto in it!
A Very Richly put together sampler.  Black does some amazing work here!

Buggy Barn Lovers Unite!  Love the colors here...very Autumn.

Who doesn't remember that cute little dress Grandma made?

Ahh...for my St. Patty's Day baby!

I fell in-love...after the fact...this quilt prompted me to purchase the
 Best of Fons & Porter Star Quilts Book last week!
Oh yeah...and I mentioned new friends...

on the way to Joseph...
we ate dinner here and thought a t-shirt to wear to work might be interesting...
They closed before we got there for dessert...but made us think of a friend with chuckle!
And then there was the Joseph welcoming committee...

Honey...I met this guy who has a really nice dog...
Can I keep him?????
Aren't they pretty???

Appropriately...across the street from where we got morning coffee and treats!
Cock-A-Doodle Doo!!!
Between Joseph & Halfway this little pair scampered out of the road & up the hill to get a better view of us as we stopped to visit with them for a moment...

My husband calls these Sllloooooow Elk...
We came upon the rancher on horseback a bit later...
We must create some memories now that will cool our brow when next summer arrives!
Back to My Pumpkin Puree-ing!
Nancie Anne


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