Friday, June 25, 2010

More Challenges Using Leaders and Enders

Worked on the Challenge Block quilt top a little more yesterday, but also started using scraps from my daughters Buggy Barn Butterfly Quilt as Leaders and Enders to start making 9 patch blocks for the 9 Patch Challenge. A couple of days late starting, but I'm determined to catch up in my own Turtle-ish fashion. As the snail riding on the turtles back said..."Wheeee!"

One of our local shops learned about the challenge from Karen Montgomerys Blog at

So our inspired shop owner challenged us in turn! The challenge is to execute one 9 patch block per day from the first day of Summer, June 21, to the first day of Autumn, Sept.22 which should translate into 94 completed blocks. Planning for a end of summer gathering to share all of our independent projects is in the works. And Bonnie Hunter would be so proud of us all for using our scraps and utilizing them as Leader and Enders, so how could we miss?

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