Friday, July 26, 2013

There's No Friends Like Blog Friends!

Cuz they share the same ills we all have....We spend way too much time attending daily quilt shows by way of the internet! 

My friend from Across The Pond, Quilt Sue at Quilt Times, responded to my previous call for help like none other!  For days she trudged through the ever deepening stacks of quilts on the internet trying to assist me in finding the quilt I just know I saw...and for what small tidbit is left of my mind...

And now, likely hers too!

Yesterday she posted about my loss...I think it must've driven her nearly as crazy as it has driven me and finally said enough is enough!

She received an almost immediate response from Freda at The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe telling me to look at
I've gone to Freda's blog this morning and left her a couple of notes...and I've stolen this from her...cuz It's Sooooooo Me and I just had to share!!!

then later on Sue garnered another comment from Marj, who reminded me to pick the most recently delivered issue of McCall's Magazine back up from the floor at my bedside!  Yep!  Now I remember seeing that ad.

So...thanks to all who responded to our cries for help!  Following is the comment I just left on Sues post to all who took part!

"Thanks Everyone! The Robert Kaufman quilt is definitely the one I saw...thank you so much for guiding me back to it...However...I've also come to the conclusion that Sue may have been correct afterall! I may have been designing in my sleep! Somewhere in my minds eye there is one very similar...the Hexie flowers are offset creating sort of a rick-rack garden around the border and it has reds in it & was photographed in a booth or guild settting! I think I'm going to bust out the graph paper soon! Upon my return to work I had backtracked my browsing history to no avail.  At least I know now that I'm only partially out of my mind! What a relief!!!!!"

Garsh!  Dontcha just love Quilty Friends!!!!!

Have a Happy Friday!  I'm working on a Quilt Show entry deadline today!!!

Nancie Anne


  1. It was self defence that made me post an SOS. The cobwebs were growing, the dust bunnies were doing what bunnies do, Mr Fixit was wasting away from starvation, and I need new glasses now cos of spending so much time on the computer!