Monday, July 1, 2013

Country Charmer Quilt Along ~ Hotter Than H-E-Double Hockeysticks July Edition

Here's a different perspective on Country Charmer!
Looking at it in this way makes me think that if it were completed in Southwest or Western themed prints, you could definitely pull off a Western or Native American version.  The secondary design when they are stacked in this manner is definitely interesting...
but no, I'm not going there.  Just wanted to show you I had my five strip sets together...I have done something other than gush over my daughters wedding and do laundry and recuperate from our marathon trip to California and back. 
 The Newlyweds are Happily Honeymooning and wonderful photos of Ireland are popping up here and there.  Lucky little love-buggers!
I've had several sweet responses to the wedding photos and wanted to respond to everyone & I really need to yet, but I was just beat...and living somewhere in La-La Land for the remainder of my time off.  Just know for now that I appreciate you laughing at...along with me and perhaps remembering the stress & sweetness & silliness of your own daughters wedding
I returned to work this morning...caught up part of the things that my newbie still hasn't been granted access to and attended my Five Year Anniversary Celebration and Luncheon.  At this point it's actually closer to 6 years since my return to the hospital...but who's counting...not me...I don't plan to hang around for 40 years like some of our well deserving celebrants.  In doing the math, had I not left the hospital to raise two & four legged babies, become a 4-H Leader, Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Llama & Goat Midwife, and the person most likely to purposely embarrass her teenagers, I would have been honored for 35 years of service today...babies won...babies still win...even when we know that they eventually become unappreciative "young adults"!
There are only a few days left til Independence's blistering hot...109 degrees is what I heard last on the car thermometer said 115 when I crawled into it at 4:45 to start the trek home...I woke up worried about the livestock this morning and made sure hubby set a sprinkler in the pasture to cool the air before we left for work...I was worried about what I might come home to...good news far everyone looks content and no sign of heat stress...
so...what to do next...other than make sure water troughs are full and pull out my 9-patch sashing strips and start assembly...
I have some challenge blocks that still need to be assembled into some sort of project by August 1 & it's simply too hot to put the binding on my flag quilt which is, nonetheless, hanging on the living room wall...with it's innards hanging out...
I'm dying to do something else patriotic...I've been drooling over books and patterns and ideas...
With the weather being so hot we've decided to for-go the usual Olde Tyme Fourth of July celebration we usually attend in one of the neighboring towns...we won't have the we've decided to spend our Fourth in a cool air conditioned movie theatre.  Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger top the list at the moment and there's a third on the horizon.  I'm not usually one to sit in a dark theatre and miss what's going on in the world...but it's hot...these are movies we'd love to see in a theatre setting and we have a fistful of free passes that we were both given at work months ago and it's time we enjoyed them.  See a movie...grab a bite to eat...see another movie...sounds like a good date to me...
Enjoy your week and check out what the other Country Charmer Chicks are doing by clicking the links at Lesley's blog...The Cuddle Quilter!
Thank You Again for this lovely pattern, Lynn...My Sew'n Wild Oaks pattern collection is near & dear to my heart!
One Hot Mama...(& I'm not braggin', it's just that doggone hot!)
Nancie Anne
Oh PS!  Lynn...We stopped at Quilt House in Gardnerville on the way to the wedding and visited your Country Charmer that is hanging there!  It's looking quite at home and very happy!


  1. Your Country Charmer is looking wonderful! Happy quilting.

  2. Hello hot sorry to hear about the unbearable heat. Please stay as cool as you can...I love your idea of watching movies all day in a cool theatre! As for your CC, so beautiful! Your blocks are so pretty and the sashing is the perfect colour! Glad you played with the settings so we could see that secondary pattern. What a summer you have had, and it has just started! Enjoy your 4th of July and thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Your blocks look great, and I can see what you mean about the southwest flavor in that setting. I don't know where you are but we're headed for hazy, hot and humid and I don't look forward to it.

  4. I love it Nancy! Welcome back home from all your festivities. Sue and I hope to see you in September. (Now I'll be humming that song all day long!) ~~Lynn

  5. I love your blocks Nancy and I have to confess that you're further on than me, even though you had THE Wedding this month. By the way, did you dye your hair to match the bridesmaid's dresses? I bet it looked very glamorous if you did.