Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Can't Wait To See Joseph again!!!

Yep...can't wait to see Joseph again...
Oh dear!  You misunderstand!  I didn't mean this Joseph...or whatever his name is...
does it really even matter what his name is???????????
well...maybe I did...nice dog huh?????
What do you mean "What Dog???"'s some of what I'm looking forward to...
The Views from Historic Joseph, Oregon.
The Wallowa National Forest is on my list as one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Quilty Partner in Crime and I have made our overnight reservation and we're hittin' the road again next weekend!  Yee Haw!!!
It's time again, for the
Sagebrush Quilt Shop Hop
which begins next Saturday, July 13th and runs through the 20th.
The prize bags were awesome last year...
(One lucky hopper with a completed card will win a reproduction Singer Heritage Featherweight Sewing Machine)
The northernmost shop is near the Oregon Washington border in Hermiston called Aunty Ida's and the southernmost is Charm Shack in Ontario, Oregon with Claudson's Sew & Soak & Quilt Therapy in LaGrande, Quilts Plus in Halfway, Pendleton (see Pendleton Quilt Works in Quilt Sampler, Fall/Winter 2012), Savoie's Specialties in Enterprise and Cattle Country Quilts in Joseph rounding out the stops.
The underlined are our "Don't Miss" shops.
We may stop in at the Pendleton Wool Mill while there to see if there are any remnants to be gleaned...our research doesn't tell us if they sell rems just in the Portland outlet or if the factory store in Pendleton also keeps some on hand.
So...if you see a large white blur racing from one shop to the next...that'll be us!
(We do brake for suicidal pheasants, antelope, chukars, curious deer, open range cows...
and we stop to herd errant sheep back into their pastures)
Come Out And Have Fun Weekend With Us!
Nancie Anne
Addendum: I received notice the morning after writing this post that Pendleton Quilt Works will begin the process of closing the doors the day after shop hop ends.  They will be progressively discounting stock until their final day which is also their 10th Anniversary, Aug. 25th.  The closure of this quality shop will leave a large gap for quilters in the Eastern Oregon area. 


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  1. Wait for meeeee........ I want to come too. It sounds like really hard work though, are you sure you wouldn't like to pay me to go in your place?