Friday, July 19, 2013

I've Lost My Mind and Can't Remember Where I Put It...

Does anyone out there recall seeing an awesome quilt in the last week or so?

Oh...I need to be more specific?????

Whilst frittering away time at work the other day I was roaming about online and, I think, in a blog post of some quilts from a show or a guild gathering or...I saw this wonderful quilt.  A new take on traditional for sure! 

It had the granny square or confetti blocks in the center and then had a border of hexie flowers all the way around the outside.  It was really a breathtaking quilt and I intended to go back and look at it again...unsure if it was a new design or simply someones wonderful ingenuity.  I may be wrong but if my feeble memory was primarily red and white??????

I've dug through nearly all the blogs I follow to no avail.  Looked on facebook...have searched through the quilt shop emails that are still in my email inbox...and now I turn to you....

Please tell me I'm not hallucinating and someone else out there saw it too?????  I'd really like to follow up as intended.

Nancie Anne


    I did a search on Pinterest for hexie quilts and came up with this one at the link above. I don't think it's the exact one you refer to but wonder if this was the style. If the maker used a confetti block center, it may have been by a modern quilter or a design from one. Wish I could help more. I'll be on the look out.

  2. I haven't found it either, sorry, but I have just "wasted" several hours looking at some lovely quilts on Google!

    1. Leave it to me to forget where I saw something...if I'd been on my home computer I could have saved the link.

  3. Wasn't the same one but this one is definitely worth taking a look at!

  4. I've looked and looked but can't see anything. Are you sure you weren't dreaming and designed it in your sleep?