Sunday, July 14, 2013

Christmas In July!!! Christmas QAL 2013

Well here we are in July already and it's Hazels turn, (at Hazel's Quilts) to be our hostess this go-round. 
Excuse that little bit of cowboy lingo, but I've been in cow country most all weekend. 
I actually worked on the embroidery portion of little snowmen earlier in the week so that I'd have some progress, however minor, to share and so that Hazel would be able to look my little snowdudes in the eye and give them a proper hello!
So...from the fellas to you...
"Howdy Hazel!!!"
As I told you in my previous post, Quilty Buddy & I were shop hopping in Oregon this weekend and I've only been back long enough to start a couple loads of laundry, change clothes and edit some pictures to share with you of our gorgeous weekend.
Excuse the quality of some of the photos...they were taken through a closed window at 55 mph!
There are some new bronzes on the corners in Joseph...
The Beautiful Wallowa Mountains 
These Miniature Bramans are barely taller than my daughters Nubian Dairy Goats.

The Round Barn...quite a landmark
I hope you enjoyed the beauty of your surroundings this weekend too!
Now I'm off to go through my bag of Shop Hop Loot!
Nancie Anne


  1. I love your snowmen! Sure sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

    1. It was great...saw a bald eagle perched in a tree...and we bought patterns...cute little ground squirrels, and we got free fat quarters at each shop, saw three great snacks...including rice krispie treats...we opened the sunroof and listened to the songbirds as we drove through the forest service road pass between Joseph & Halfway...we laughed and bought fabric & patterns (got some great stuff on sale) and bonded with all the great gals who work in the shops. We checked out some dream sewing machines and had park and walk from one shop to the next because LaGrande was hosting a fantastic car show and the streets were blocked off! Yep...pretty darn good weekend!

  2. Howdy there, Snowmen! *waves!

    What a fun packed weekend you've had Nancie Anne! Are you going to show us your 'loot'?!

    I love those bronzes - the lady in the hat is beautiful.

  3. Your little Snowfolks are wonderful.

    I too love the bronzes,specially the lady in the hat. I assume the next post you do will show us all your goodies from the trip?

  4. Love your snowbuddies. Your photos are great looks like you had a wonderful time. x

  5. What breathtaking scenery. You were in a beautiful part of the country. Your snowmen are super.