Thursday, August 1, 2013

Country Charmer...I Have Placed My Hand On My Quilt Bible &...

 here's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Goddess of Quilting!
I've been busy and in between being busy I've just been flat pooped (& L-A-Z-Y) and too hot!
I've also had a little deadline which I procrastinated about, then had that mad rush to finish at the end...sound familiar?
So, NOTHING has happened with Country Charmer this's still hanging on the design wall pretty much in the same manner it was last month...but sagging a little. that's not an unfamiliar term in my life...
I also seem to be having a little ADD this month...I start working on something and before I know it I'm off doing something else totally apart from what my good intentioned plan was.
There is a little good news on the Country Charmer front however...I was in the LQS a couple of weeks ago and in a remnant bin found another yard of my Eggshell Country Charmer background fabric that I thought was gone forever!
...Bwah-Ha-Ha!  It's now mine...all mine!  This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities...
Secondly, I've recently found out that next year's theme for our local quilt show is "Forever Fall".
I'm thinkin' I have something around here that will fill that bill!
Speaking of local quilt show!  It's this weekend.  Quilty partner in crime and I are attending by ourselves this year...
We invited several work friends to come along with us last year and since it's my little hometown they all came to, I kinda felt like I was their hostess. 
 Let me tell felt like I spent the day attempting to herd a pack of cats!
We decided it was just a little bit more fun that we wanted to have this year...this year we want to focus on the quilts...
and the vendors of course!
(& purchase whatever we want to without little non-quilty eyebrows raising every time we open our wallets!)
I delivered the runner I made from my 5th place winning challenge block flanked by two of the blocks I inherited as last place winner, to the High School this morning all quilted and bound...
Sorry...I forgot to snap a picture before I took it over, so you'll have to wait a day or two to see the completed project...but my block is below to remind you what it looks like.
I'm sorry to say the remaining 6 blocks are simply set into a flimsy and my never see the light of day again after the show...unless they're used to practice some free motion quilting or something...
All I can say about winning "Last" is that you inherit the works of some very creative spirits...and if you want to know what the real challenge is, it's trying to find a cohesive way to bring together the varied individual skill sets and visions of 8 complete strangers with your own!
I must admit...I am now thrilled that the quilter who had the first place block last year won!  In my little trip this morning I was one of the first to get to appreciate, and learn from, the quilt he/she has assembled from his/her challenge selections. 
It is pretty darned spectacular!  I will share a photo soon!
I didn't take the challenge for this year...the fabric selected was about as far out of my taste as they could get...but those who did have turned in some really nice blocks. 
I also got a sneak peek at the challenge fabric for next years blocks and I'm hooked!  I'm already inspired to make two or three!
One would think I'd learn my lesson! 
But participating always gives you something to look forward to!  Right?????
I now have several days off to cook, clean, dust and do laundry and hang out at the quilt show...and plot...perhaps Country Charmer will get some attention in between!  Maybe even before Lynn debuts her next new design over yonder at Sew'n Wild Oaks!  So excited...I love those pumpkins!
Keep on Stitchin'!
Nancie Anne


  1. Your Country Charmer looks amazingly lovely on the design wall. And I am waiting anxiously on those pumpkins of Lynn's also.

  2. I love your fussy cut centers and the autumn hues. But that little basket is a treasure. Love it.

  3. Oh my...I laughed...and I smiled...and I nodded! I know exactly what you mean, especially about the ADD,sagging(!),and going to quilty shows with non-quilty friends! Your CC is so absolutely gorgeous the blocks can just stay there on your design wall and look gorgeous. So enjoy all your beautiful projects and the anticipation of Lynn's wonderful pumpkins! No stress...and thanks so muuch for linking up!

  4. I am waiting on Lynn's new pattern too. I had my poor Charmer sit all month too, sad.

  5. Your country charmer looks fantastic.

  6. Seems like you hit a few nerves with your post Nancy. Saggy bits, ADD, abandoned CC quilts for a lot of the month - hmm, I think you're writing about me.