Saturday, March 26, 2016

An Easter Miracle!!!

Happy Easter Tomorrow!
I just had to share a little text message I got a few minutes ago...
from my youngest daughter, Butterfly Quilt Girl!
Remember her?
I snuck this picture of her sister's Quilt In Progress to her by text.  I'm still churning away on it,
and am back to wishing this quilt would finish itself so I can turn my attention to something "more me".
If you look closely, you will see I'm progressing with those little perle cotton buttonhole stitches around the flowers and leaves.
I got this completely unexpected reply...
"Pretty!  I need another quilt, but I want to help make it."
My heart leapt!  Eek!  Be Still Heart!!!!
She wants something for autumn/winter for her bed to trade off with the Flutterbyes!
This would not be her first foray into quilt making.  She made a top while in 4-H as a community service project and donated it to Project Linus.  And she has done felting with our llama fiber, making a big yellow kool-aid dyed felted Christmas Star adorned with tiny pinecones & glitter.
She also did one of her 4-H demonstrations on Needle Felting and made a super cute wool pillow that she put a sweet little llama silhouette on, using fiber from her own llama.
She used to draw the most adorable little llamas for me when she was an itty bitty thing and I was just thinking the other day that I need to transfer one of those cuties onto a quilted pillow.
So, there's my Easter Miracle!
Wonder of Wonders!
Now...where am I going to set up my other sewing machine?
~Nancie Anne


  1. Words I would love to hear too...I want a quilt but want to help you make it :-D
    Neither of my daughters sew and it would be a dream come true if they said that to me

    Lucky you !

  2. OMG it is a miracle! when my DIL said that to me I thought I had died and gone to heaven!