Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Finisher Be...February Review.

February was...
my Husbands Birthday,
Valentines Day,
Leap Year
and a Month Of Finishes, reported each Friday by
We invited you to join in and I know a Few of you did.
If you didn't, start planning now to join us next year when we're going to dedicate the entire month of February to Finishes again!
After a Fall of, For lack of better words,
Quilting Stagnation,
it Felt wonderful to not only Find my way back to my sewing,
but to actually tick some projects off, or nearly off my looooong list!
The month began with the Finish of
Housewarming, my heartfelt gift to my Husband For his birthday.
Housewarming and The Great I Am were relatively easy Finishes.
A little trimming and a little time with a good movie and the bindings were done!

Next up was making the cute Bonnie Sullivan Flannel back for my Quilt Sue pattern testing project, Honey Bee Sprinkles, based on Sue Abrey's Red Sprinkles pattern.
It will be packed up and mailed off to my very patient quilter, Tracy for a simple quilt motif in a couple of days.
I need to stay stitch the edge and give it another pressing and Find a box the right size then off it will Fly!
I woke up this morning with a different idea for a quilt design, so I'm going to do a little research when I've Finished this post.
And then there were a Few days of arranging, rearranging and assembling all the loose blocks
For Star Spangled Stripes.
 It looks kinda cute alongside Housewarming doesn't it?


After that came the most intense of my February Finishes.
Several days of completing blocks, replacing sashing, pulling it all together and adding 4 borders, one of them pieced, resulted in this cute Flimsy.
Originally I said I was going to go with a Four inch border, rather than the intended 6 inch border.  After measuring & eyeballing the collective width of the First three borders I adjusted my thinking and cut my blue border which will be Five inches wide Finished.
This last border was added day before yesterday.
But wait!
February gave us an extra day this year!
I leapt out of bed yesterday determined to take Full advantage of our Leap Year bonus!
I had two projects of my mind when a got up yesterday, but it quickly became clear that I needed to order in a small amount of an old print to Fix some sad boo-boos on the First one, so by 8 am I was at work on the First runner up!
I traced, cut, Fused and stitched all day long and the result was this!
Februarys Buttermilk Basin Free Block of the Month, Let It Snow, is on the "nearly Finished" list.
I am a little unsettled, because, wouldn't you know it, I lived up to my Naughty Nancie reputation and made a little design adjustment in the January block, which turned out to be nearly identical to what Stacy had designed for the February block.
It would be kind of weird to have two snowmen side by side holding hearts, so I'm going to wait awhile to see what is up Stacy's sleeve the next Few months and then decide.
I do have some ideas rolling around in my head...I just want to be sure.

and there we have it...
A Full month of Finishing.
Not always the completed project, but a completed step at least, in the Finish of several projects.

Can't do much better than that!

Happy March First!
It's almost spring...St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Gardening are just around the corner.

I'll be spending extra time at work this month, training a new counterpart to share my job, but somehow, somewhere along the line, I'll need to pick up Fabric, needle and thread to Feed My Soul.

~ Nancie Anne


  1. Seeing all your Fabulous Finishes for February takes my breath away! All of your projects are out of this world! Huge projects that NEEDED to be finishes...and now they are! I can see you happy dancing all around your house! Doesn't that make you feel as Fabulous as your finishes! And no that's not a question...it's a fact!

  2. Looks like March came in like a lion for you, Nancie Anne. Wow, to all your projects!

  3. Congratulations on all of your AMAZING finishes !!!


  4. I like house style quilts. So many variations can be made.

  5. Woohoo, well done on your finishes. Being busy at work this month is all in a good cause though, once you've got your opposite number all trained up you'll have loads more free time for quilting.