Friday, March 25, 2016

A Little Light Housekeeping

Scrolling back to review where my blogging dropped off and where it began again, I found that there were some things that I simply didn't get you updated on along the way. 
So here's my attempt to bring my account current!

As you may recall, I was one of the lucky girls who won the opportunity to finish a quilt in the HandiQuilter Classroom late last summer.  I shared all kinds of pictures of the wonderland of quilts on display and pictures of my Christmas Country Charmer on the machine...but never one of it all bound and finished...well TA-DA!  Here it is!  I did hang on the wall in our living room this Christmas for the first time!  Christmas was so goofy that I never got that picture taken though.

 The upper photo is a little on the vibrant side...the lower tree photo is a little more accurate color and temperature-wise.
I'm still in love with this sweet snowflake and swirl motif and yes...I  added a little bit of bling to the tree in the form of little faceted crystals in different sizes to catch the light from the real Christmas tree.
Before that, in September when our Granddaughters 1st Birthday rolled around, Grampa was found helping Gramma stretch, pull, tack and screw this little tuffet together for the Big Day!

Miss Muffet loved her Tuffet immediately. 
It was climbed upon, drummed on, and used as a step stool to make her way up onto the couch almost immediately!
She also became a bit territorial when another small guest thought he might like to try it out.
A second tuffet, very similar to this one, traveled to California with us a couple of weeks later as a gift for our Daughter & Son-In-Love's new little niece-ipoo!
Another more recent lapse was a public Thank You to Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions.
I was the lucky recipient of this sweet primitive Sharing Hearts pattern right around Valentines Day.
I've always loved designs using the Heart In Hand and the saying,
 "When This You See...Remember Me", so these little cuties are right up my alley!
Thank You Ever Sew Much, Norma!
I'm still working extra hours, with no job share replacement in sight yet, so the pace has slowed down in the Quilty Zone, but I did get my little Buttermilk Basin Cardinal for Let It Snow done yesterday!  I had worked on it a little bit every night all week, then got lucky and had a day off due to low census to finish her up!
These two big chunky plaid wool squares made her body, wing and pinecone.  Amazing what you can do when you stick your tongue out the side of your mouth and concentrate real hard to get the placement just right!
I have a huge soft spot for Cardinals, although they are not indigenous to our area.
Our youngest daughter spotted a silly little snowball throwing Hallmark Cardinal that we'd had for years amongst the Christmas decorations when she was barely talking.  She hurtled across the room, reaching out with her tiny little hands, repeating "Fluff! Fluff!!"
Ever since, Cardinals have been better known to the entire family as "Fluffs" and a collection of ornaments and such grew from that initial moment of Love At First Sight!
A couple of years ago, that youngest daughter moved out, her collection still here for safe keeping until she settles into her first "for real" home...however...during one visit, when she showed me her new bedroom, I noted that somehow, a certain special little Snowball Throwing "Fluff" had managed to get himself packed amongst her things and had moved with her.
Funny how that happens. 
I added some Feather Stitching to the pinecone & Colonial Knots to the snowflake while I was at it!

Time to sign off and go make more special memories to share another day...

~Nancie Anne


  1. WOW! Your Christmas Country Charmer is beautiful and the tuffet just adorable for Miss Muffet.

    I have not heard of Let it Snow. I will have to check that out

    Happy Easter !

  2. I love your cardinal (and story)! And the tuffet is just lovely, and the Christmas Tree quilt is beautiful. You've been pretty productive even with working extra hours! We're coming up in July: maybe we can get together for lunch. Hugs, H