Monday, March 7, 2016

Ahhh Monday! What better way to end it than to...

This was a work Monday, as usual a morning of scrambling, hang ups and, sad to say, some came to work wearing their crabby pants!  No, it wasn't the best morning, but things settled down, as they always eventually do, and the atmosphere improved! 
Enough of That! 

I went in for an eye exam last Thursday, complete with having my eyes dilated.  I checked out 4 pair of new frames to try out on family for my new multi-focal reading (stitching) lenses and went around the corner to a store and wandered around for a little bit, hoping some of the effects of dilation would dissipate.  Well, one can only wander the store for a little bit, definitely not long enough for any measurable difference in vision and I think my dilated eyes were freaking a couple of clerks out!  One seemed almost cautiously concerned when he approached and asked if I needed help.  I was parched and hungry, so I decided to make my purchases and start the remainder of the little trek home.  I made it up the street about 2 miles to Jimmy Johns and swung through to grab a sandwich to give my eyes a break.   Sandwich seated next to me, I continued on, feeling my way home, usually with one eye squeezed tightly shut.  About half of the 14 mile trip was on back roads, so I could pull over and shut my eyes for a minute if I needed to.  Arriving home, I closed the blinds, flipped on the TV and settled down to eat my sandwich, then realized THIS had crept into my lap.  I missed getting the funnier version of this picture when his nose was bent sideways more.

Bless his heart, he knew his Mama-person was visually impaired and there he was, unselfishly volunteering to corral any stray bits of meat or cheese that might make a break for it, trying to escape my notice and not be eaten! 
You can see he's wondering "What would she do without Me?" 

Many of you have seen the multiple pictures and heard my shameless worship of my little longhair redhead doxie, Maecee.  Well, this is Shooter, our little shorthair dapple doxie, originally my youngest sons dog and named for the fact that he was a very accurate "shooter"" on the basketball court.  Shooter wrapped his little self around my heart and the rest is history.  He is the Dachshund who made me love Dachshunds.  Never, ever, had I had the desire to have a Doxie before he came into our lives at about 8 weeks old.  I was always a bigger breed kind of girl.  But this little guy's heart is every bit as big.  He was my constant comfort when I was forced to spend several weeks nearly immobile except for trips to physical therapy several years ago.  A few years later when we arrived home from a trip, he was barely able to stand and walk, I repaid the comfort and kindness that he had given me, and we worked through a couple of months of soreness and instability before he was back to his old antics again.  When we rescued our gentle little Maecee, she became the love of his life.  He adores her!  He even lays down during their wrestle fests to allow her to be the "big bully"!  Unlike Maecee, Shooter doesn't travel well, and is better off staying home, whereas, Miss Maecee generally refuses to eat unless her Mama-person is there to watch her do so, so he doesn't get the whole adoration at the Quilt Show & Quilt Shop experience like she does.

Sooooo...back to Monday.  I had promised to take the checked out glasses back after work today.  I was still on the fence about what I had selected.  They weren't my favorite, but the favorite Jimmy Choo's were about $150 more expensive.  Think of all the quilty stuff I can do with that!  Yeah, it always comes down to the quilty stuff, doesn't it?  I decided on the less expensive pair with the option of looking at the frames on the display wall once more before settling!  Turns out, my lady at the clinic had done some restocking after I left that day last week, and had found a pair that she saved for my return!  Same price, brand and general style as the pair I had tentatively decided on, but better!  Prettier mottled purples and a little splash of gold on the arms and the lens shape with a little bevel on the outer corners at the top were just what I needed!  They were calling my name and she knew it!  I'm going to love them!

So what could be better than that?
Coming home to the sweetest surprise in my mailbox!  That's What!

In January, I won three patterns of my choice from Stacy at Buttermilk Basin when her wonderful grey kitty, Oliver, hosted a Caturday Giveaway on her Facebook page!  Oliver touches a soft spot in my heart...the memory of our beautiful blue-grey rescue kitty, Skootch, who I still miss.  Of course Maecee just couldn't resist writing to Oliver!  It all became a back and forth comedy of errors, silly emails, hits and misses!  Looong story short, I received the package with 2 of the 3 patterns I'd requested, but the third was a pattern I had mentioned that I already had and was working on when I wrote her.   I wrote Stacy to let her know the package was received safe and sound, and mentioned the oops, but told her not to sweat it, after all I was sitting here holding 2 adorable patterns, no need to be greedy.  Stacy being Stacy said, I'm sending you the other pattern you wanted and go ahead and keep the duplicate one!  I assured her I would find it a good home and thanked her.  Then life happened again.  She's terribly busy, as teachers and designers tend to be, stuff happens with those big schedules and the 3rd pattern was delayed.  Then we had another volley of emails about those cute trucks she's designing and then another inquiry from her..."Did you get that pattern from me?" don't worry about's not like I'm lacking for projects to do!  So what appears in my mail today?  The pattern I'd wanted, PLUS four wonderful squares of wool...and a love note, my 2nd one from Oliver Kitty himself!  That Girl!  If I could reach out and hug her I would!

Isn't it wonderful what happens when we share of ourselves.
I began blogging to share my love of quilts and quilting...
to share my little bits of knowledge and boost my skills and confidence.
Also to write...because people kept telling me I should be writing...
Never, did I dream or realize that I would get so much back from it...
and I don't mean the fun things that appear in my mailbox.
It's about some of the most wonderful, supportive, funny, warm relationships I've built with people who have become so important in my little world.
The Cherished Chosen Sisters who I've spent precious time with,
and the Dear, Sweet, Funny Friends who I've yet to meet!

Now what was that I was talking about earlier...?
Ah Yes...

I had promised Stacy I'd find a good home for that duplicate pattern she sent me.
It's Vintage Tree Farm!
Isn't it cute?  I still remember when I first saw it last fall.  It was love at first sight!

I recently wrote my 150th post and on such occasions fellow bloggers often have a little usual...I'm a little behind.
I could always use more if you're not already, so please consider becoming an official Follower...
THEN, Leave me a comment, about your special fur buddy, or one of the many co-quilters who has supported or influenced your path.

Then stay tuned...This weekend, Shooter, Maecee and I will figure out a fun way to select a winner and announce who the lucky new owner of this Vintage Tree Farm pattern will be!

Let's Celebrate Those Who Touch Our Lives Simply By Being Who They Are!

Another Monday in The History Books!  I hope it was a good one!

~Nancie Anne


  1. I do follow your blog--but not officially. I can't seem to find where/how to do that. Anyway, I would love that pattern! I have three great cats that have been with us for over 15 years, but my constant companion these days (in case I might drop a crumb or two) is our English Creme Golden Retriever. She is just 2 years old and still a pup, but so fun and loving as well. We have had 2 other Goldens in the past, and I have always felt that one can not be depressed or sad when with a Golden. They are just always so happy and just thrilled to be with people!

  2. Hello! This blog is such a gift - thank you! I am a rather new reader to your blog but feel that it is a place to visit and chuckle frequently. A quilter, I am, as well as a person who loves her pups - so you see, we have a lot in common. Enjoy your sewing, your pups, and your day since they too, are gifts for our soul! Chris

    1. Aww Chris...that is the sweetest note! I glad that my silliness brings a little chuckle to your day...I've always told my kids to "Leave 'em Laughing! That way they'll remember you!" I try to channel a little of my inner Erma Bombeck when I write! Sure wish I had an email for you! Id love to hear more about your pups and quilts!

    2. Check your email addy for my email address - and VOILA! Thanks and have a wonderful, quilty, pup filled day.......Chris

  3. I am a follower and enjoy your blog so much. I don't currently have a furry buddy, but did have a special Airedale who was the best dog I ever owned. She was so protective of me. I really miss her sweet sad face. Thanks for offering to share the adorable pattern :-)

  4. I of course already have the pattern but just wanted to stop by and say your little friend is the cutest!!!

  5. I am already a follower and really enjoyed your story about your little friend and your experience getting new glasses :-D

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  7. I don't havve a special fur-friend. Poor me.