Sunday, June 15, 2014


Nope, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, and I have every intention of jumping in on the Country Corners Quilt Class that Lynn is posting at Sew'n Wild Oaks!  I'm thinking about using some old, old prints that have reappeared.  She said to dig through our stashes and that's precisely what I've been doing!
I'm in the process of relocating my stash to one level of the house.  This process has included new bead board, paint and trim on our 103 year old enclosed front porch, moving a huge step back cupboard up from the basement, experimenting with a chalk paint recipe and painting an old bookcase. We're no where near done yet.  I want to paint that cupboard too plus another cabinet...and perhaps another couple of pieces as well. 
We took a week and did a major unload and overhaul in the garage & barn culminating in a couple of loads to the landfill, another to the recycle center, a yard sale, and we have a load sitting in the stock trailer ready to go be donated...In the process I ran across of a couple of boxes of old cotton prints that were ready for the move that never happened, when our buyer neglected to secure financing about 8 years ago. (Nightmare) I've been reunited with lots of old treasures, lots of country blue for sure!  Most of it got a much needed bath yesterday.  For the most part its in fine condition, just needed to be freshened up.
I took a few minutes and opened my old treadle sewing machine up and petted her, as we worked away...she'll be taking her rightful place again soon.
Our oldest son's old log bed has moved to his house and is now our Grandsons.  He loves that it was once his Daddy's and he had a ball helping to bolt it together with the ratchet.  It's hard to believe our little Mr. Fix-it is already 5 years old!  I promised him that I'd show him the pictures of his Dad and Auntie climbing all over it like a jungle gym when we first brought it home.
I'm hoping that by next spring we'll have our ducks in a row and be able to put this old place back on the market and move.  I'm dreaming of trees and being able to go drop a fishing line in the river, we'll see where reality lands us!
In the house, my sewing machine resurfaced yesterday along with the next two houses for Country Homecoming,the pieces and parts are pinned together & I should be able to connect the dots and have them camera ready for next weekends reveal.  The sashing for the butterfly quilt I've been assembling for my youngest daughter is there as well.  Her birthday is in two weeks and she's decided to fly to Sacramento to visit her big sister.  California may never be the same...
We are saying prayers and keeping our fingers crossed...our gestating Mommy is having some blood pressure issues and other signs of preeclampsia.  Baby Amaya is active and growing well though.
Country Charmer is off to the quilter!  I finally got the panels I wanted to make the backing from and assembled it.  Judging by the phone call I got Friday, I think she's probably loaded in the longarm and getting frosted!  I need to get some more backs assembled for other tops sitting around here.  I was looking at Dragon Princess the other day and she's just begging to be quilted!'s Papa's Day!  Better get back to the kitchen!  The girls are coming out with Ice Cream for their Daddy and it's gonna be Tater Salad,  Baked beans, and  Hot Dogs and Sausages over the fire pit for dinner!
Hug All The Dads in your life!
~Nancie Anne


  1. WOWSER ! You are doing some serious cleaning & purging Good for you ! Your painting projects sound wonderful would love to see pictures when they are finished

  2. It seems you have been very busy with moving things and painting things. I bet your family daren't stand still for fear of being moved and painted too. I hope mum-to-be and baby are both OK and also that you soon end up living near a river.

  3. You have been a busy little bee! I hope all your dreams come true with home renovations, new house on the river, baby, and all your wonderful quilt projects! Looking forward to seeing Country Charmer in all it's glory, and those next Homecoming blocks!

  4. I just did a room overhaul and stash clean up too! Great minds. And I used chalk paint which was a recipe that I found online. Well actually I tried 2 different ones before I found the one I like.

  5. What a task it must be moving all your quilting supplies and fabrics. But it will be fun to re-acquaint yourself with all the treasures.

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