Sunday, June 22, 2014

Big Weekend, Big Doin's!!! Country Homecoming Blocks

Well let's see how efficient I can be here...
it's been an eventful weekend and quite frankly, I'm lucky to have these blocks at this stage.
I'm Pooped!!!
These are the June installment to the Country Homecoming Quilt Along.
Each month I've tried to come up with something new as windows and doors go.  Hence these long narrow windows that simply came about because my arched windows were too long.  Heaven forbid a scrap goes to waste!  Right????
 More specialty fabrics came into play this month too and I got a little brighter and added this blue!
The shutters are from this narrow strip that I added to that scrap bag I put together at the LQS a couple of months back.  It wasn't wide enough to allow me to cut enough vertically, so I went with the candy cane stripe...who knows, maybe this is Santa's summer home!
Our expectant Papa stood up with his two Bestest Buddies last night and saw them become Husband & Wife...
We stood to watch the Bride come down the aisle and I looked back over my shoulder to see the Groom smiling from ear to ear, his eyes filled with tears...then I looked at my son...standing there with his friend, wiping tears from one eye and then the other.  I felt my own eyes start to well...Thank goodness for the sunglasses that were set out on each guests chair.
I turned further, to my daughters sitting to my right to say, "Look at Mikey and your brother..."  They already had, the tears were flowing there too.
I began passing out tissues as soon as we were able to be seated.
It was an interesting reunion of sorts.  Several teachers who've taught all these kids were also in attendance.
I snapped a favorite picture that was on display in the reception area...these two boys who have laughed, loved, played & cried together for so many years now...
The taller one is mine...
This smug look is partly, "Mom! Get that camera out of my face!" &
"Ha! Going out of town for my birthday paid off!  Got my present early!!!"
I finally replaced her silver St. Brigid's Cross necklace that she lost several years ago.
Now get this, her other birthday wish is a copy of Kathie Lee Gifford's lullaby album, "Dreamship".
She and little brother were lulled into many a nap to that album, particularly Dreamship, a duet with Aaron Neville.  They were both preschoolers the morning we heard it sung the first time on Regis and Kathie Lee...and they were both mesmerized.  Mama got a copy for those 2 busy toddlers as quick as she could!  Now she's 23, with a definite mind of her own, but still wants to listen to her favorite Lullaby as she nods much so that not long ago I was casually sent an Amazon link to fulfill that wish. 
"We'll go sailin' away on a Dreamship, into a Starry Night...
and the Man in the Moon will guide us until the Morning Light..."
Probably should get on that...maybe two...Amaya will be here soon...
Still watching blood pressure carefully, but, obviously our girl is growing well.'s just a lovefest!!!
All that lullaby talk has me ready to nod off!  Beddy Bye Time!
 Oh yeah...check in with Kim at Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure for more Houses Under Construction!
~Nancie Anne


  1. What a great post! Gorgeous blocks and a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing the great times!

  2. I like the red & green house block the best. Especially like the green plaid on the house side.