Friday, June 27, 2014

Time Sure Flies!

To Our Beautiful Friend, Lynn!

Sunday Is Your Day!  It's Hard To Believe That It's Already, Nearly, Time For Your Taping!  Wasn't It Just The Other Day When We Received Your Message, Full Of Excitement & Nerves About Being Asked To Present Patchwork Math On The Quilt! 
What A Journey It's Been!

Just A Little Reminder...Just For You!
If Anyone Can Keep These Little Fellas Flying In Formation, You Can!!!
We May Be Hundreds Of Miles Away...
But We're Always There In Spirit...
Just Breathe...

PS~ No Singing In The Audience, Joe!


  1. Just need a like button. Great sentiment!

  2. Thank you SO much Nancy! I really appreciate your words and sentiment. Yes, I will try to get the butterflies flying in formation. I'll let you know if Joe starts humming or heckling during the taping. Love, Lynn

  3. Yes, we are all thinking of Lynn today. Great post!