Saturday, November 9, 2013

Quilty Fun Sew Along Numero Uno!

Yep!  Just couldn't stop myself from joining the fun!
And you know what they say "The More The Merrier!"
How many quilts can I juggle at one time you ask?
I drooled over the cute Row Along Quilt at Bee In My Bonnet earlier this year...but didn't discover it until it was nearly done!  Then the news of this upcoming book came out and the rest is history!
I wish I had a wall large enough in my kitchen to hold her mixer quilt...or her apron quilt...
and I'd so love to have her scissors quilt in my sewing room...if there were space that wasn't already taken by design wall...cabinets etc...maybe I'll just have to cover that north facing window with a nice warm quilt!
Lori Holt's designs are so not the usual me!  But I love them!
I wasn't even sure I had any prints that would lend themselves to this project...but then I took a trip to the Underground Fabric Storage Facility and before I knew it was lugging up a big ol' selection of prints!
Imagine that!  Shopping in my own stash!  Who'da Thunk?!?!?! 
Each week another blogger will host the next block in the series and by the end of March we should all have a super-de-duper cute quilt top! 
So!  Here are my apples...made 'em yesterday!
Purty dern cute!  Right?
All that's missing is a little green worm dontcha think?
Thank you VeryKerryBerry for hosting week one!

If you'd like to join in the fun the book there's more information on the book and upcoming blog hosts at
Fat Quarter Shop!
~Nancie Anne


  1. Cute apples. I love them, but no, they do NOT need worms.

  2. I stitched my apples up last night. I can't resist... Did you already quilt your apple blocks? I guess that's just the background fabric you chose to use, right? It looks awesome!

    Cheery wave from